Cash and purse stolen from teacher

April 5, 2005, midnight | By Anthony Glynn | 19 years ago

Purse returned with cash gone

The purse of a science teacher was stolen, found and returned during 5B today. One hundred and eighty dollars was taken from the purse.

This morning, science teacher Darcy Sloe hid her purse underneath coats and other clothing in the small preparatory room behind room 363, which is the classroom where she teaches. Sloe had not realized the purse was gone until another teacher approached her with it and found it behind a toilet in the boys' bathroom in the 350s hallway.

Sloe examined the purse and found $200 she had taken out of the bank this morning, minus the $20 she spent at CVS, to be missing. She notified security but has not yet been told what actions they will take on the matter.

"I don't want to sound paranoid, but it is so strange that I almost feel like I was being stalked," said Sloe about the unlikelihood of such an act being committed the day she got money from the bank.

Currently, Sloe has no suspicions as to the identity of the thief. "I was focusing on my sea urchins and my students and my embryology. I'm not thinking, 'Who might have done that?' I have no idea." said Sloe.

This incident was reminiscent of the theft of science teacher Angelique Bosse's money and Sloe's necklace, both stolen from their purses immediately before Spring break.

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