Chemistry classes take trip to water treatment plant

Nov. 12, 2004, midnight | By Danny Scheer | 16 years ago

Students learn about the effects of water purification on the community

Chemistry students left Blair at 9:00 a.m. to participate in a field trip to the Blue Plains Waste Water Treatment Plant in D.C., Tuesday, Nov. 9.

Chemistry teachers Melissa Loh, Summer Roark and Marcy Jacobson organized the event to observe the purification of water and separation of mixtures for their "water unit.” According to Loh, approximately four students per class attended from the ten regular classes, a total of 40 students.

The chemistry trip focused on the effects of water treatment on the environment rather than its impact on humans. "Sometimes, people just put things in the sink without knowing what happens,” explained Loh, "and the Blue Plains plant treats water that comes from the drains, streets, the toilets. All of the water in D.C. goes to this location. The trip makes the students aware on the effects of water treatment.”

Post 9/11 precautions limited the field trip, as fear of water contamination prevented students from entering certain areas. "The treatment plant was very secluded because of 9/11, so most of the trip was a bus tour,” said Roark.

Students who did not participate in the field trip watched A Civil Action, a film about a community's attempt to hold corrupt corporations responsible for polluting their waterways.

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