Code Red emergency drill completed

April 22, 2002, midnight | By Kevin Chang | 18 years, 9 months ago

Blair went to Code Red emergency status on Monday at 9:59 this morning as part of a scheduled drill.

The drill concluded at 10:18 with an announcement that congratulated students and staff on their successful completion of the drill and reminded them that a real Code Red would have proceeded based on police instructions.

Code Red is the second, more severe level of the Blair crisis management system. It denotes a major emergency, such as a person with a gun in the building. All students and staff enter the nearest classroom and attempt to make it look unoccupied. All announcements, bells and other signals are ignored until emergency personnel slip an instruction sheet and/or valid ID (such as a police identification card) under the door.

The first, less severe level of the crisis management system is Code Blue. Code Blue is designed to be used as an alert, and has been declared in the past during a gas leak. Blair was evacuated after a Code Blue on Friday, March 22 (see Blair evacuated following bomb threats).

During a Code Blue, students are instructed to stay in classrooms, and teachers are instructed to check IDs and ignore all bells and fire alarms.

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