Coed wiped out by Paint Branch

March 27, 2006, midnight | By Merlyn Deng | 15 years, 6 months ago

Despite loss, Blazers improve


The coed volleyball team was unable to fend off the Paint Branch Panthers Saturday, losing 11-25, 14-25 and 13-25, making their record 0-3.

Despite the defeat, the coed team showed raw strength that could make it a winning team as the season progresses. Since many of last year's coed boys moved on to join the boys' team, the team is inexperienced and mistake-prone. During the first few minutes of the match, the Blazers could not return Paint Branch's serves, in spite of sophomore Eddie Tang's best efforts. A tip by junior Jung Han and some strong hits by Tang made the score 8-19, but the Panthers held on to beat them 11-25.

The second set was more of the same as Paint Branch made some kills and the Blazers inconsistency doomed them from the start. Many times, after receiving the ball, the coed team would do an excellent job of passing the ball, showing that they can work together as a team. However, the Blazers would falter one extra second, unsure who would get the ball, costing the Blazers numerous points. Eventually, the Panthers beat them 14-25.

Although they also lost the third set, it was possibly the strongest match of the game. After starting off down 1-5, the coed team began to show some of the guts that they will need for the rest of the season. Co-captain Christie Lin dove down admirably to the floor to help her team out to another point. Although Lin stepped up the aggression, many of the Blazers were unable to match her energy, a crucial problem that should be fixed as the players continue on in their season. As the Panthers took possession of serving the ball, the Blazers received the Panthers' star server with good passing, which went for naught as the sequences ended in fumbles that lost much-deserved points. All of the team members on the floor showed that they could play well, but some still lacked consistency; something that was evident in the 13-25 loss.

Lin expressed some satisfaction toward the players' game. "We played hard but we could improve our teamwork," she said. "With a little more communication, we could have a great season." In addition to teamwork problems, Lin cited follow-through and lack of aggression as problems.

Mott believes that teamwork is also an issue, especially for those who haven't played team volleyball before. "We have some experienced players, but we have more inexperienced players." He said that transition problems were the main problem that plagued the team's game, saying that "people aren't sure where to go." However, he states that the team, especially the newer boys, will work on the mechanics and footwork of volleyball to improve their future performances. According to him, the team is already improving, "We played a little better than the previous two games," he said.

Coed's next game will be held at Damascus on Tuesday.

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