Colin Powell makes his case for the war in Iraq

Feb. 5, 2003, midnight | By Nora Toiv | 19 years, 10 months ago

Secretary of State Colin Powell made his case on February 5, for the war in Iraq to the U.N Security Council trying to build national support for the U.S.'s intentions.

According to CNN, Powell used photographs, electronic intercepts, and intelligence sources in his speech. Powell said that Iraq has shown "no effort" to disarm. The new evidence that was brought to light included satellite photos of a chemical bunker, the threatening of Iraqi scientists, and the biological weapons Iraq is capable of manufacturing. Iraq's ambassador, Mohammed Al-Douri was invited to participate in the discussion and said that he would like to deliver "a message for peace."

Powell had his own message to give the Security Council. He used a recording of two Iraqi officials talking about a future inspection to push his case. "We sent you a message yesterday to clean out the areas, scrap areas, abandoned areas. Make sure there is nothing there." The goal of the country by this speech is to gauge the support needed to launch an attack on Iraq.

According to The Washington Post, England is the only other member of the 15-member Security Council that supports the war. "I believe our case on weapons of mass destruction is very, very clear indeed. It's perfectly obvious Saddam has them," said British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Other countries have warned the U.S, such as France and Germany that they will try and use their veto powers against a war in Iraq. Right after Powell's speech China said that the inspectors need more time.

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