Complicated Confessions

Feb. 24, 2004, midnight | By Fidan Karimova | 16 years, 9 months ago

If you want to see a mix of Bring it On, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Holiday in the Sun, and Princess Diaries, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, from a novel by Dean Sheldon, directed by Sara Sugarman, is just right for you.

The story is about Lola Cep (Lindsay Lohan) who moves from her beloved New York to New Jersey, which, according to Cep, is located in the middle of nowhere. Cep believes she will one day become a famous actress and perhaps get to meet her favorite singer, Stu (Adam Garcia), whom she has idolized for years.

When she arrives to New Jersey, she is very cynical about her new hometown. She reacts sardonically to the fact that there is a grass surrounding her house and the fact that now, instead of taking two trips on the bus to get to school, she can simply ride her bike, and it's free.

She also finds a friend, Ella Gerrard (Alison Pill), who happens to have the same interests as she does, and realizes that she does not have to live in a busy city to turn her dream of becoming an actress into reality.

Sugarman, who directed Mad Cows and Very Annie Marie, which were not too successful, decided to make a movie that appeals to teenagers. The end result is only a mediocre teenage movie, but, admittedly, a pretty funny one. When popular girls enter the scenes, they are accompanied by the song "Milkshake," which puts a smile on your face.

Lohan puts in an immaterial performance. The young redhead previously starred in The Parent Trap remake, revealing her star potential. This time she returns as a lighter-colored redhead to try and win over her audiences, but does not succeed. Unlike in Parent Trap, her acting is dry, and her charm seems to have vanished.

The best actress in the movie is, without a doubt, Pill (Pieces of April). She uses simple facial expressions to express her character's feelings, but in their simplicity, she manages to effect the audience. She accomplishes this without tons of make-up, like the rest of her fellow cast, who look like they have dressed up for a carnival.

Just like in any other teenage flick, there has to be a prince. In this movie that prince is Eli Marienthal, who plays Sam, Lola's friend, who is head over heels over Lola. Even though his acting skills need to polishing, he still has a strong presence on screen. His handsome face and charming smile are enough to make teenage girls swoon.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is not a success, but if you are up for a pure teenage flick and don't mind spending your money to go see it, enjoy!

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is rated PG for mild thematic elements and brief language.

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