Concert held at Sangha

Sept. 11, 2005, midnight | By Mary Donahue | 18 years, 9 months ago

Proceeds donated to hurricane relief

A concert to benefit the victims of hurricane Katrina was held at the fair trade store Sangha in Takoma Park today, Sept. 11. All the proceeds collected at the concert will go to the Community Service Agency in D.C.The event, organized by Sangha owner Jennifer Carter, Clay Harris and musicians Lauren Heckman and Maureen Adams, was scheduled to assist the victims. "This is just local people trying to help," Carter said. "We aren't working through any organization; we want to make sure the stuff goes to the people."

Harris, the primary organizer of the concert, believes that the handling of the hurricane relief efforts was disappointing. "Our government's response is genocide," Harris commented. "They shouldn't lowball the situation: it's complete disorganization. They weren't ready for this hurricane and they aren't ready for the next hurricane. We have to do something."

Colin Forhan, a Blair junior who attended the concert, is also frustrated with the government's management of the situation. "I just don't understand why everyone isn't doing everything they can do," said Forhan.

Eight bands were scheduled to perform at the concert, including Harris's band Success Through Hypnosis, Adams's band Clubfoot Whiskey and Heckman's band Afrosheen Explosion.

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