Delicious mango mousse

Dec. 15, 2008, midnight | By Poorna Natarajan | 15 years, 6 months ago

A tropical approach to the holidays

As a hopefully snowy winter nears, summer seems to have long passed away. But with this recipe for mango mousse, it's never too late to enjoy the holiday season with a flavor from the tropics! This easy-to-prepare, no-bake pie is sugary enough to sweeten anyone's day and light enough to be appreciated after several servings. Be ready to wow family and friends during this holiday season with a serving of mango mousse - a medley of cheesecake, Jell-O and, of course, mango!

Mango Mousse:

Prep time is about 10 minutes. Refrigeration time is 3-4 hours. Makes about 16 servings.


o 1 blender
o 1 can opener
o microwave
o 1 small mixing bowl
o 1 9" x 5" glass pan


o 1 can of mango mousse pulp
o 1 packet of low fat cream cheese
o 2 envelopes of unflavored gelatin
o 2 graham cracker pie crust (optional)
o 1 c of sugar
o 1/2 c of water


1. Heat water in microwave for a minute and dissolve gelatin.
2. Blend mango pulp, cream cheese and sugar.
3. Add dissolved gelatin and blend for a minute and pour the mixture in two piecrusts or a rectangular glass pan.
4. Refrigerate for three to four hours until the mousse has consistency of Jell-O.
5. Enjoy!

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