Do you purchase gifts at the dollar store?

Jan. 12, 2005, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 16 years ago

"I don't buy gifts for the holidays at the dollar store. I make my gifts and fill them with love."
-senior Lillian Rosen

"No, I do not shop for holiday gifts at dollar stores. I think that gifts should be able to last long. Dollar stores usually don't sell items that are in good quality. They can be new and everything, but the items either rip or tear easily. Also, dollar stores don't usually sell things that I think any of my friends or family would like. Even though the saying 'it's the thought that counts' is true, I think gifts should actually make the person feel happy."
-sophomore Kimberly Ly

"My family does not shop at dollar stores for holiday gifts. First of all, the gifts would be cheap and wouldn't, in my opinion, be very valuable. Also, we tend to either go to the mall or order things from Lands End. We think their products are much better in quality than anything at a dollar store. This is why my family doesn't shop at dollar stores for gifts."
-sophomore Corrie Myers

"If I found a gift at a dollar store that I think someone I know would like, I would get it, but it isn't the first store I look in."
-sophomore Mary Donahue

"Yes, I do shop for holiday gifts at the dollar store. They have a lot of things there that look surprisingly expensive. I don't like to buy everything there but I do buy stuff like wrapping paper. It is a very convenient store and there is nothing wrong with buying things from there. Most of the time, people can't tell where you bought their gifts."
-senior Brian Phattanaphuti

"Shopping for holiday gifts at the dollar store can be very exciting. Think about the little charms, cheap watches and fake rings available, all for just a dollar! Last year, I gave almost everyone I knew a present from the dollar store (watches, necklaces, key chains, etc.), and although they broke the day after, it is still fun to go to the dollar store and see what is there. You never know what hidden experiences can be found at the dollar store."
-freshman Brian Chang

"The answer is a wholehearted YES! The things you can find at these stores are amazing! However, I don't just buy one object as a present. I choose various items and put them together as one present. The outcome is a gift of gifts with tons of miscellaneous items for ones friends. My friends love my gifts and I'm happy because of the cheap price. The feeling of joy is mutual, which is perfect for the holiday season."
-freshman Soraya Chanyasubkit

"No, of course not! I don't shop for holiday gifts at dollar stores. I think it will be embarrassing to give someone a gift that was bought at a dollar store. There aren't any good things in dollar stores. Would you like to give your friend a poorly-made backpack? If your friend gets caught in the rain, all his/her stuff will get wet because the backpack is not made from good material. I would not even give a gift from a dollar store to my worst enemy."
-freshman Dennis Pillajo

"I suppose my real answer to this question would be yes. Occasionally I do find something is a dollar store that I think will be a good gift. I don't think it's a negative thing to get someone a present from a dollar store. Most of the time, you can get something small but funny there. A lot of times, I've found things at "The Dollar Tree" or "Dollar City" that pertains to an inside joke between my friends and myself. For example, a friend of mine once bought a mini-paintbrush at a dollar store. He then proceeded to walk around the mall pretending to paint things. It sounds stupid, but it was quite funny at the time. Someday, I might go back to a dollar store and buy him another mini-paintbrush, and when he opens it, we could laugh about it."
-freshman Seth Reeker

"I don't shop at dollar stores for holiday gifts because CVS is closer to my house."
-freshman Elliot Allen

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