Do you still trick-or-treat?

Oct. 13, 2004, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 16 years, 3 months ago

"I do not trick or treat because I'm too old to. After you're a certain age, you should leave trick or treating to the younger children. After you are old enough to go out by yourself you should not go trick or treating. Buy your own candy and pass it out. So I do not go trick or treating because I'm too old."
-senior Shannon Ruffin

"Trick or treating has always been my favorite part of Halloween. Not just because of the candy, but also being able to hang out with my friends. Being less than 5 feet I can normally get away with it without my neighbors thinking I'm crazy."
-sophomore Alexis Egan

"I have never trick or treated in my life. The reason why I don't trick or treat is because I don't think it is fun. My mom doesn't let me because she is scared something might happen to me. But I would still like to try because I heard it is fun."
-sophomore Marilyn Callejas

"I still trick or treat but I trick instead of treat. I usually make my own costumes. I like making costumes from the characters of video games. Two years ago I was Link from Zelda. I think this is my last year trick or treating because I am getting too old for this."
-sophomore Alan Grenidge

"Of course, Halloween is one of the greatest holidays of the year. Every year I dress up as a high school student and get a pretty good amount of candy. Last year I went to work, but before that we egged my friend's house and hit his house with about 30 eggs. Two years before that we went egging in the neighborhood."
-senior Ronnie Abad

"Yes, I do still trick-or-treat. The reason why is because I get candy for free. Also because I get to make little kids cry from whatever I'm wearing that night. I also get to go to a Halloween party after the trick-or-treating."
-sophomore Kirk Richards

"Yes, I do still trick or treat because I think only at age 18 should you stop trick or treating, and I am 17. Trick or treating is about the candy for younger trick-or-treaters, but the older ones don't just go door to door for candy; they do other things that they think is fun. People go bag snatching, or they shoot people with paintball guns. Overall trick or treating is fun."
-senior Robert Jones

"Although I am 15, I still trick-or-treat. I don't think I am too old as long as I am with a group of friends. Normally I trick-or-treat with friends and then just end up at a party or friend's house because walking around all night laughing and hanging out with friends can get tiring. I still plan on going trick-or-treating this year with a group of friends and I am really looking forward to it."
- sophomore Jessica Wolcott

"Yes, I still do, because no one is too old to trick or treat. Everyone can
have a little fun, even only if it is with candy."
-sophomore Deepika Beribal

Yes, I still trick-or-treat because it's the only time when I get to dress up as a character from the Lord of the Rings and actually not get screamed aloud for dressing up as a character on any random school day or just a random day as well! It's also perhaps the only time I get to go back to Washington, D.C. to trick-or treat - getting all the candy and then eating them all within the month that I got them from Halloween.
-freshman Ginny Lee

"Of course I still trick-or-treat! It is the one day that you can get free candy for just wearing black and pointy hats. What is there to complain about? Nothing! I've been trick or treating since I was four. My love for candy, especially free candy, has not died down a bit. The only downside is having your older brother steal half the candy that I earned."
-freshman Noori Chai

"Of course I still trick-or-treat! Who wouldn't? It's one of the few holidays where you get to pretend you're a little kid again… that is if you aren't already. So maybe I don't go in full costume or anything anymore, but it's just as fun to put on some devil horns and a red shirt. Good thing I still look youthful."
-freshman Cassie Cummins

"No, I don't trick-or-treat anymore because ever since I read a PowerPoint about Halloween and trick-or-treating I know about the history of it and I don't like it, so this year I will just buy myself candy and give them to the other children. Plus… it's sort of against my religion."
-sophomore Susan Rios

"What kind of idiot would not trick-or-treat? We're talking about free candy. I've trick-or-treated so much that I've begun to recycle costumes. Last year was the first time I was a pirate since I was four, and I still had the hook and the eye patch. I'm planning on being a ghost this year, but I'll need to use a new sheet."
-sophomore Adam Loube

"Yes I still trick-or-treat. I love candy, chocolate, and anything else with sugar and this holiday gives it to me for free. While my costumes have gotten worse as years pass, my love for candy and chocolate has grown."
-senior Hersch Bhatia

"I will always trick-or-treat as long as it's not deemed creepy. Trick-or-treating is one of those activities that never get old. I mean, it's free candy! Who would turn down free candy?!! Plus, it's fun to act like a dumb kid at least one day of the year."
-senior Bryn MacLardy

"Do I still trick or treat? Why or why not? I would like to trick or treat, but I do not. It is not that I am not allowed to go trick-or-treating; it's that I have no one to go with, and trick-or-treating alone will be extremely boring. The reason that I do not have anyone to go with is for two reasons. One reason is that my friends that I usually go with have moved away, and the other reason is that the friends/family I have that are still around have other plans, or are too lazy to go. Though I cannot go and get candy for myself with my friends, I have my ways to get candy. Since I cannot go trick-or-treating to get candy, I turn out the lights at my house, and eat the candy bought that was supposed to be handed out! Though I cannot go and get candy for myself with my friends, I have my ways to get candy."
-freshman Anton Do

"No, I won't trick-or-treat this year. I did it last year and got a few comments about being too old. And this year, being 6'1" won't help. But if I find a little kid who wants a chaperone, candy here I come."
-sophomore Emanuel Waktola

"Yes, I still trick-or-treat. I still do it because I really enjoyed it as a child and even though many people say people my age are too old, I don't care. I like to relive my childhood and all the memories I had. I know I'm not that old but I'm not a child anymore; I'm a young adult. Besides that, the candy is terrific. You can spend a day being something wild, scary, exotic, or beautiful and you get candy for it. It's just one day out of the year where you can be something you're not. That's why I still trick-or-treat."
-freshman Tiara Sanderson

"No, I do not "Trick or Treat" anymore. I find trick-or-treating to be quite boring, and very inefficient. If I wanted candy, I could go to the Seven-Eleven and by some, and it would probably be way better than all of the crummy pretzel bags that I always get from my neighbors. Furthermore, dressing up no longer strikes my fancy. I have found that clothing myself like a monster is not exciting, especially because the costumes tend to itch, and you can get nasty rashes from makeup. Additionally, the trick-or-treating scene has been overrun by little kids, who tend to smell like day-old diapers and cheerios that have been festering in the back seat of their mothers' minivans for three months. Because much of this shift in clientele, the local homeowners have started giving out candy at a much earlier time (4pm), rather than the preferred, and proven, "after-dark" timeframe. Overall, trick-or-treating has been spoiled by little kids and bad candy."
-freshman Tom Stokes

"I still trick-or-treat because it's fun. When else during the year are you allowed to walk around in costume, knock on neighbors' doors and receive a bagful of candy? It's FREE candy-who can argue against that?"
-senior Jessica Yen

"I definitely still trick-or-treat. The best part about it is dressing up. Last year I was a cowgirl, the year before that a princess. It's fun for the first few minutes but then people start to give you less candy than the little kids because people think there must be an age limit."
-senior Rachel Toss

"As a teenager, I still go out on Halloween and trick or treat. Although my parents tell me that I'm too old to collect candy but I've decided I'm not ready to give up being a kid just yet. After all, that requires responsibility in my normal, every day life. It is nice to do such an innocent thing as trick or treating. The major reason though, is that I want to get the candy, and get a lot of it."
-sophomore Dana Ballard

"I still trick-or-treat because it gives me something to do with my friend and afterwards we compare who got the most and best candy. And then we just pig out on candy. It is the funnest day of the year, next to Christmas!"
-sophomore Renee Richardson

"Yes. I think trick-or-treating is a really fun way to dress up, have fun and get candy. It's fun to walk around your neighborhood dressed up with your friends late at night. It's a good way to have fun"
-sophomore Kenny Coleman

"Many people still trick-or-treat mostly because of the candy. But others both trick and treat, such as myself. I trick people, play jokes on my friends, and I still want to receive candy to munch on. Everyone loves candy unless you're old, boring or just plain crazy. Most people believe that most kids grow out of trick-or-treating in their teens. But truthfully teenagers still want to have fun and the thought of going to people's house receiving candy and playing jokes seems fun to us!"
-freshman Crystal Morton

"Trick-or-treating is considered a little kids thing, but me and my friends love trick-or treating. We do it every year. Trick-or-treating is great, it's a time when you and your friends hang out at night, have fun and just do stupid things, plus you get candy."
-freshman Junior Lujan

"Yes, I still trick-or-treat because you can't ever get too old for FREE candy. It is one of the days of the year I can't wait for. You also do a lot of bad things and not feel bad about them, just use the excuse, "It is Halloween." You always have fun on Halloween, which is why I trick-or-treat."
-sophomore Gerald McIntosh

"Last year I was in France, so I did not have a chance to go trick-or-treating. But this year, I am sure I will. I won't dress up as a character from a movie or a book, but I will probably just sport a funny hat or funky pants or a crazy shirt. The main reason I go trick-or-treating is to hang out with friends and to get a LOT of candy!!! I always eat it within the first month, usually sooner. When I was a kid, I always tried to make the most creative costumes. One year, I was a hippie with vintage pink hippie bellbottoms. And another year, I was a mad scientist, and my dad was Frankenstein's monster. But, like I said, this year it's more for the candy."
-freshman Austin Jacobson

"I do still trick-or-treat. I do it because I want candy and another reason is because it's free. Its fun and you get to stay out at night."
-sophomore Jose Colindres Jr.

"I been trick-or-treating since I was a young boy. It was a night of fun, laughter, and pranks. Friends of mine would come over and we'd go out for about four or five hours. Now, we stay out the whole night, egg people's homes, T-ping people's yards, and we always get bag of candy. I think that I'll be trick-or-treating for the rest of my life."
-sophomore Chris Kiron

"I no longer trick-or-treat, because I am too old. I'd really like to, but it's OK, because I can still dress up and hand out candy. I'm pretty sure I haven't gone a single year without coming up with an original costume."
-sophomore Lauren Atha

"Yes, I still do trick-or-treat, and I plan to do it this year. I just dress up in all black and pretend I am a ninja, and I get tons of free candy. Almost nobody goes now; the streets were empty last year. The people bought all that candy, and my friends are helping them get rid of extra candy."
-sophomore Jesse Ruf

"I did trick-or-treating last year because it was fun, and I could get out with my friends. But this year I don't think I will, because too many people know that I am in high school in my neighborhood."
-sophomore Ashlyn Sinclair

"No, I do not trick-or-treat. It's like something you just grow out of. Plus, I have way too much homework to go trick-or-treating. It holds no appeal for me anyways. According to a year-to-year analysis of my candy, I get about average of 2 measly nerds per year, the only candy, in my opinion, worth getting. It's not worth the trouble."

"No, I don't trick-or-treat anymore, because I usually don't have time and I'm allergic to chocolate. Furthermore, it's getting cold outside, so you can't show off costumes."

"I stopped trick-or-treating a couple of years ago. The people in my neighborhood aren't fond of teenagers taking all the candy instead of younger children. I don't really miss it though. I like making and wearing costumes, but I can do that at school. Furthermore, I get more candy if I just stay home. We usually only get two or three trick-or-treaters each year, which leaves the better part of two bags of candy that I know I like."
-sophomore Erica Irving

"Honestly, why wouldn't why? The whole idea of trick-or-treating is one of free candy, which simply can't be beat. A few hours of exercise guarantees months of frequent dentist visits and toothaches-- every kid's dream. Besides, most kids like me aren't allowed to eat this stuff during the rest of the year, so Halloween is like a gift from above… that you can taste."
-sophomore Robert Feasley

"I still trick-or-treat because I love candy. Any chance to get free candy is a great opportunity. However, this year will probably be my last year of trick-or-treating because I'm getting older."
-sophomore Adman Yalowitz

"I still trick-or-treat with my friends. It's fun to dress and to get candy! I also help out at a church program that provides safe, indoor trick-or-treating and Halloween games for toddlers and young children. I don't think there's any reason that teenagers should not be allowed to trick-or-treat, so long as they are respectful of the others who are trick-or-treating."
-sophomore Abby Barnes

"Yes, I still trick-or-treat because I get free candy and I have to take my younger sister around the neighborhood."
-freshman Ashton Hoegberg

"Yes! I most definitely still trick-or-treat. What is there not to like about free candy? Plus, you get to dress up in crazy costumes for no reason and get away with it. Plus, it's great to see the startled look of your neighbors when they realize teenagers are at their door instead of cute elementary school kids."
-sophomore Jordyn Wolfand

"I still trick-or-treat because I'm still young enough to be able to go around dressed up and get free candy. I will take that chance any day. I really don't do it just for the candy, it fun to dress up and go around house-to-house, spending time with friends. It just gives everybody an excuse to dress up either very tacky or very elegantly. Even though I'm 14, I will still go trick-or-treating."
-sophomore Diane Chase

"No, I do not trick-or-treat anymore as of this year because it was kind of embarrassing being the only person over four feet tall dressed as Superman. I guess the spandex just got to me. There are always other ways of getting free candy, though; my brother is still smaller than me."
-sophomore Neil Mendhiratta

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