Do you still watch childrens' television shows?

Nov. 18, 2004, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 16 years, 2 months ago

"I will admit it, I do watch children's shows. They are fun to watch, especially shows like Barney and Sesame Street. There's something about adults dressing up like giant yellow birds and purple and green spotted dinosaurs that I find enticing. But nonetheless, they are "edumacational" and "edultainment". They also help me learn my ABC's and 123's."
-sophomore Joshua Uzzel

"I sometimes watch children's TV shows. I'm not at all ashamed to admit that. Shows that have a younger target audience seem to have a simpler, yet truer message. It's nice not to have a show that revolves around sex and drug related themes. Plus, a lot of the times the humor is not as crude."
-freshman Kät Wurzbacher

"I don't watch children's TV shows because I don't like how stupid they are. I don't like how simple they make life seem for children. I also don't like how they try to keep kids innocent and naïveté about the world around them."
-sophomore Courtney Garrett

"No, I do not watch children's television shows. I'm not interested in these shows-they never appeal to me. I'm generally really busy, so I don't get too many opportunities to watch TV. When I do, I like watching a show that interests me, such as the new show Lost."
-sophomore Katie Willmott

"I watch children's television shows, and no, I don't mean Barney and Teletubbies (although sometimes I do watch a bit of Arthur). My favorite, by far, would be Teen Titans, although I'm not sure if that's a "children's show," but it's a cartoon and that's what I'd rate it. I watch children's shows to escape the mature themes because throughout the day, I've already experienced how depressing reality and I'd rather bury myself in happily-ever-after once in awhile. Teen Titans, I have to admit, is not completely void of mature themes, especially not when dealing with the psyche of its characters, and it doesn't spend 30 minutes talking about sharing, but the plot captivates me, the scenes alternate between humorous and action, and I've grown an affinity for the characters. This little obsession is what draws me to watch children's TV shows."
-freshman Jenny Wang

Yes, I do watch children's televsion shows ("Arthur" being my favorite). A lot of times when there's nothing else to watch or I'm waiting for "Oprah" to come on, I catch myself changing the channel to WETA or Cartoon Network. I can't help it. Mabe it's because I don't really want to grow up. I want to stay a kid for as long as I can. But either way, children's shows are the best. I thought everyone watched them.
-junior Zahra Bah

Yes! I do still watch children's television shows. Out of all the possible television show I could watch, I pick to watch "Arthur." I watch "Arthur" almost everyday after school. I'm not exactly sure why I still watch that silly show now that I'm a sophomore in high school, but it's somewhat addicting. It relaxe my mind--it doesn't take much thinking to watch and understand the story. It keeps me entertained for a pretty long time, too. I think everyone should watch children's television shows even if they've "grown out of it." Some could say it brings out the child from inside you.
-sophomore Lily Fischer

I've always watched television shows fro children, mainly because everything else on TV is trash. There are things they show that have no point whatsoever, and then they have the children's shows. The good thing about children's shows, unlike others, is that you get a positive message from the program, and the violence and sexuality is limited to PG. Also, you know that there are children watching this, just like you, and who are receiving this message as well. It makes me personally more secure, knowing that there are at lest some kids who will grow up with these messages and be able to make smarter decisions based on them. Plus, children's shows are more entertaining to watch.
-junior Erica Rowe

Yes, I do watch children's television shows, like "SpongeBob Squarepants," "Fairly Oddparents," and "Rugrats." I watch them because they're funny. Anyone can watch and still laugh at [the shows].
-junior Susana Sagastizado

Apart from how hilarious children's shows are, such as "Spongebob Squarepants," they sometimes have a special meaning or a hidden theme. Once I sat down with my younger brother and, barely paying attention to the TV, I started to notice things I hadn't before. The cartoon was displaying a message.
-junior Nelson Ruiz

Yes, I watch children's television shows. Sometimes it's just fun to watch kid shows and reminisce about the good old times. And actually a lot of the shows are still funny - maybe now in a corny way - but it's always fun to laugh at yourself and how weird you were as a kid.
-junior Krista Lee

Yes, because they're fun to watch, have no violence, or language, or adult situations. You can watch it with the whole family, and they aren't hard to follow or understand.
-sophomore Prince Griffin

Yes! I love shows like The Fairly Odd Parents, My Life as a Teenage Robot, etc. They're all great. I think the reason I like them so much is because they are: Clean-mouthed, everything is funny, I can watch it with my little sister, and they never run out of good episodes. I tend to watch cartoons more than anything. I still hold on to the years I have left.
-sophomore Shermel Sherman

I like to watch "Arthur" once in a while. When I'm tired of dealing with grown-up problems and serious world issues, I turn on the TV and watch "Arthur," where the biggest problem he has to deal with are his bratty sister and strict teacher. The show lets me remember the days when life was simple and carefree.
-senior Suzie Adjogah

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