Do you think Blair is overcrowded? Why or why not?

Oct. 13, 2004, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 16 years, 3 months ago

"I think Blair is grossly overcrowded. There are always jams of people in the halls, which cause people to be late to class. On top of this, classes are extremely large and not diverse."
-sophomore Leà Savard-Mcnicol

"Blair is a big school built for a big population. If you didn't already know, Blair is very overcrowded. It's overcrowded because you can't walk through the hallway without getting bumped. Another reason is that the lunch line gets so long you can't get food. The class sizes (some) are above normal. Throughout the years, the student population is growing more and more."
-sophomore Victor Ramos

"Yes I think that Blair is overcrowded, but I'm not bothered by the population because it is good to have a lot of people around you. It is a problem sometimes when a student needs help from a teacher, but he can't really attend to him [the student] because the teacher has more people coming up to him for help. When there's a lot of people, there are more chances to get to meet people and make friends."
-senior Junior Perdomo

"Yes, I do think that Blair is overcrowded. Over the years, Blair has gotten more and more crowded. The hallways are even more crowded between classes. It has made it harder to get to class, not because of the distance, but because of the amount of people. Also at lunchtime, the lines are much longer. "
-senior Debbie Fuentes

"Yes, I think Blair is way overcrowded because when I walk through the halls, I'm not walking, I'm stop-walking, especially when I go up the stairs."
-senior Jeffrey Garcia

"I think that Blair is overcrowded. It is obvious in the lack of classrooms and numerous portables. Class sizes are also rather large compared to prior years, with most nearing 30 students. The hallways seem large enough until the bell rings and everyone is trying to get to class. Finally, lunch lines are too long and there are not enough seats to fit comfortably into the SAC. Clair is overcrowded and has definitely grown since last year."
-sophomore Collin Reed

"Blair is overcrowded. Our school is a couple of hundreds of lockers short. Students in my Spanish class (of around 27 students) have been without desks since the beginning of the year, and there are no spare desks for them. Congestion, especially around the SAC around lunch is a problem. Some people point to the fact that we're not critically overcrowded. Though it's true that Blair isn't filled to standing room only, solutions are needed now to relieve the overcrowding already experienced."
-sophomore Jon Brookstone

"I don't think there's any question in our minds that Blair is quickly joining the list of severely overcrowded schools. You know the situation is bad when the teachers recommend that you find alternative routes to class in an effort to avoid the traffic and be on time. The lunch lines are consistently over 100 people, and class sizes are steadily increasing. We need to find a solution!"
-sophomore Dylan Rebois

"Blair is one of the largest high schools in the county, but Blair is also known for its overcrowded classes. Since last year, the number of students has doubled. Today, school buses are full, due to the large number of new freshmen that are attending this year. My school bus is always full and sometimes students are not able to sit. Some students are standing up, hitting other students and injuring themselves. Blair has been overcrowded every year by more than 300 freshmen. There is another simple reason why Blair is overcrowded; it is the immigration issue. More than 100 new students from different cultures and countries are attending the school, but the real reason why Blair is getting overcrowded every year is because it is a popular high school that everybody wants to go to."
-sophomore Wilber Zavala

"Despite many complaints, Blair is not an overcrowded school. The hallways are all wide and spacious, and it is rarely difficult to traverse the corridors. Most of my classes have fewer than 20 students. Certainly, I would prefer to have fewer people at Blair, but at the current state, our school is bearable."
-sophomore Jeff Guo

"I do not think that Blair is overcrowded. My idea of overcrowded is that there are so many people in the hallways between classes that you cannot go where you want to go. This in no way describes the conditions at Blair. If you know where you need to go and the hallways that you need to take, it is pretty simple to get between classes. Some people complain that it's too crowded, but that may be because they use Blair Boulevard, the main hallway. This is always crowded, which is why it's smart to use the back streets."
-freshman Malcolm Foley

"I think Blair is still overcrowded, even thought the Down County Consortium was supposed to make this school less populated. Although Blair is an extremely large building with three stories, the halls are still way too compacted with a sea of people. With over 3,400 students, the school is too small to hold all those people."
-freshman Amanda Parsley

"Blair is overcrowded. Period. We have seven portables. We are almost 500 students above the school's designed limit. The hallways are overcrowded and more congested than traffic on the way over. There is no question as to how overcrowded the school is."
-senior Jonathan Chiang

"Yes, I do believe Blair is overcrowded. There are over 3,000 students at Blair high school. Although the school is considered to be pretty big, I don't think the school is big enough for that many students. The hallways are always crowded, and you've got to always push people to get through lunch. The lunch line is too long, and there are too many little freshmen around. I think they should kick some freshmen out due to overcrowding."
-sophomore Benita Bocar

"Yes, I do feel as though Blair is overcrowded. We have way too many people at our school. It shouldn't take 30 minutes to get to lunch while standing in line. I think that it's a fire hazard to have this many people in one building. It also takes a long time to get to class in some hallways. I think they should have open lunch for seniors to lower the crowdedness in the lunchroom, allowing everyone to be able to buy lunch and have enough time to eat it before having to return to class."
-senior Brittany Higgins

"I think that Blair is overcrowded. Why? Well, yesterday it took me about 10 minutes to get from the door of the library to the entrance of the 140s hallway. That fact that it takes that long to travel about to feet says something about the amount of people per square inch in this school."
-senior Alex McBean

"Yes, I do think Blair is over crowded because it is a big school and mostly students who live around go to this school. Also this school has more activities and things that students can do and like. So, yes, I think that Blair is an overcrowded school."
-sophomore Deepika Beribal

"Asking if Blair is overcrowded is like asking if apples grow on trees or if gravity exist, the answer is without a doubt yes. When I walk through Blair I feel as if I'm at an intersection on university Boulevard, if I don't look at my surroundings I can be killed. I know it sounds as if I'm over exaggerating, but the funny thing is I'm not. So asking if Blair is overcrowded is such an obvious question that it's like asking is Bugs Bunny a bunny."
-sophomore Josh Griner

"I think Blair is overcrowded because going to lunch or coming from lunch is hard. I mean sometimes we have to squeeze through just to get to classes and then we are late. It's just like so many people and we can't move around in the halls sometimes because we're packed together. Also I mean we are given a certain amount of time to get out class but sometimes people move so slow because there are to many people. That's why Blair's so slow, too many people."
-sophomore Maria Flores

"I think that Blair is definitely way overcrowded. There are so many people that it is difficult to get from one class to another in the allotted eight minutes. The overcrowding is especially bad during lunchtime. When the people who have 5A lunch are leaving the SAC it is almost impossible for people with 5B lunch to get in. Blair High School is definitely overcrowded."
-sophomore Pawel Przytycki

"I do not think Blair is overcrowded. There seems to be enough teachers to satisfy the needs of the students. Also, the large number of students in Blair make the school more interesting and exciting, with a large amount of diversity and interests. Blair is a community that is made better by the large number of students."
-sophomore Sean Griffin

"I definitely think that Blair is overcrowded. In the hallways, there is no room to walk, let alone stand and be able to talk to people. Also, teachers have their hands full in classes with up to 30 students. In the cafeteria, the lunch lines are so long that some students do not get their lunch until they have 5 minutes left. "
-sophomore Rachael Bernstein

"I think that Blair is way too overcrowded. Wherever I go, the hallways are always too full. It is hard to navigate my way around the school where it is like a traffic jam on every "street." Some of the classes simply have too many people. For example, my gym class has over 25 people. With that many people, the teacher cannot pay attention to all of us and keep us all out of making trouble. The lunches should be broken into even more sections in order to shorten the lines. I see a lot of my friends bringing loch as a result of the lines being way too long, when they used to but lunch at the middle school."
-freshman Andy Zheng

Blair is way too crowded. The main hallway is completely impassable during lunch and once you actually get to the SAC, it takes almost the entire lunch period to actually get your food if you decide to buy.
-sophomore David Goode

"Yes, I think Blair is overcrowded. The hallways are packed, especially before and after lunches. You have to watch where you're going or else you'll get bumped into and pushed."
-sophomore Lisa Wong

"Blair is extremely overcrowded. Walking down Blair Boulevard in between 5A and 5B can take as long as ten minutes because of the incredible number of people trying to elbow their way through. This problem also occurs at 2:10 when almost everyone is rushing downstairs while the kids with eighth periods are trying to go up. Overcrowding is also evident in the classrooms where there are frequently not enough desks or chairs for everyone."
-sophomore Rebecca Graber

"Although Blair is obviously over the recommended limit of students, many people are speaking too quickly on the issue of overcrowding. During the day the population may affect you only a few times while walking on Blair Blvd. While this may slow things down the architects at Blair made easy alternatives to the main drag of the school. Students usually overlook the possibilities of taking a back hallway and instead complain about overcrowding."
-sophomore Bill Schoenfelder

"Yes Blair is overcrowded so much that there's no place to breathe. Also everyone is such in a rush and there's no space to move."
-sophomore Eyos Woldou

"I think Blair is overcrowded for many reasons. One, Blair has 3500 students. Two, the lunch line is always full and you have to wait 15 minutes before you get in front. Three, it's so crowded that people miss their bus."
-sophomore Chris Brooks

"Blair is overcrowded because when the seniors graduated last year the number of incoming freshmen this year was more than the number of seniors who left. Lunch is the most crowded because there are too many students at lunch and only two lunches. They should have three lunches to decrease the number of students at lunch."
-sophomore Harvey Outlaw

"I think that Blair is overcrowded because if you don't run to the cafeteria or cut in line then it takes at least 15 minutes to buy lunch."
-sophomore John Douglas

"Yes I do think that Blair is overcrowded. I think this because every single time it takes time to get to your next class because there are so many people bumping into you in the hallways. Also, when it is lunch time it takes forever to get your lunch because the line is really long."
-sophomore Dilcia Ventura

"I don't think there is even a debate over this issue. Right now, for instance, I'm sitting next to a girl who does not even have a desk. This class is so full that three people have to sit along the counter at the side of the classroom. When I walk along Blair Boulevard I can barely even move. The lines to get into the bathroom between classes stretch almost out the door. Our entire school can't even fit into the stadium when we have fire drills. As far as I can see there shouldn't even be an argument over this subject."
-sophomore Audrey Kubetin

"Have you ever noticed that when going to lunch or going to your next class how long it takes you in one hallway? Each and every student is struggling to get to their next class. The reason for that is because Blair High School is too crowded. There are too many kids! The classes have about 32 kids in each class! Other than the classes the cafeteria is also very crowded. The lunch lines are so, so long. It takes you forever to get lunch even though you have 45 minutes. Then once you do get lunch you look for some place to sit. Most of the times you can't find a chair, and if you do, there might not be enough space at the table where your friends are sitting. So you see, struggling to go to our next class, long lunch lines and not finding a chair or table at lunch explains that Blair is crowded and has too many kids!"
-freshman Anum Hussain

"Blair is overcrowded by 500 students and has become increasingly over-populated this school year with an acceptance of 200 or more freshman than anticipated. It has gotten to the point where the administration is begging students to give up our lockers and share them with other students. It is difficult to pass through the hallways during class changes, especially after lunch. We need a change."
-sophomore Eve Gleichman

"I think that Blair is overcrowded because when you get to school in the morning it's hard to get to class and at lunch there is no space and the line is long so you have to wait a long time before getting your lunch. When lunch is done there is a lot of pushing through the hallway on Blair Boulevard. That's why I think that Blair's overcrowding and probably next year it will be even more crowded than this year."
-sophomore Elias Moges

"Yes, Blair is overcrowded. In fact overcrowded is an understatement. We are way past the limit of students in the school and we're not decreasing. Blair is so overcrowded that there is almost no personal space. Walking down the hall has become one of the hardest things to do. People are shoving each other to get to class on time. So yes, Blair is so overcrowded it's about to burst."
-sophomore Efrata Obsa

"In my opinion I believe that Blair is too overcrowded. There are a lot of people bumping into each other and not making it to class on time due to the amount of people in Blair, especially during B lunch where the lines are back all the way to the main hallway. They need to start kicking people out and sending them to Northwood."
-sophomore Michael Morris

"Blair is significantly overcrowded. Not only is Blair Blvd. impossible between classes, but the secondary hallways on the first, second and even third floor are also packed with people. The passing periods are barely long enough to allow students to get to class due to the congestion. It is difficult to push your way through the traffic in the hallways and almost all the hallways are full of people. This overcrowding makes it difficult, slow and uncomfortable to travel from class to class."
-sophomore David Gootenberg

"I think that Blair is overcrowded. Blair has the most children in Montgomery County or Maryland. Our school has two different lunch periods, lunch A and lunch B, but some high schools don't need two lunches. A lot of kids don't get lunch even when they're really hungry because the line is too long. In the hallways during lunch and after school it's very hard to find your friends. People are constantly bumping into you and stepping on your feet. That's why Blair's too crowded."
-freshman Paige Martello

"Yes Blair is overcrowded. It is hard to get to class without bumping into people and still be on time. And the lunch lines are so long that if you are in the back by the time you get to the front lunch is almost over."
-sophomore Shaquasia Gaynor

"Yes I think that Blair is overcrowded this year because parents think that Blair is one of the best schools in the county, so they send their children to Blair. Blair is also overcrowded because of where the school is. We have about 3,400 students at Blair which makes it hard to get lunch, use the bathroom and even have a place to sit and eat. In order to stop this problem, I think that the government needs to make other public schools as good as Blair."
-Senior Madanyon Dunbar

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