Do you think that celebrities are as talented as their older brothers/sisters? Why or why not?

Oct. 13, 2004, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 16 years, 3 months ago

"The younger siblings of celebrities are an eye and ear sore when they try to become just like big brother or sister. Take a look at the data. Aaron Carter following his brother's boy band legacy. Little Britney Spears on Nickelodeon and Ashlee Simpson trying to beat out he sister on both screen and TV. The only problem with these three younger siblings is that they have no talent. Aaron hasn't been heard from in years and little Britney might still be doing "All That," who keeps track? Ashlee is doing better with a TV show and a hit album, but her off key singing won't give her staying power. These kids may have been famous at one point, but it's their older siblings who will be remembered because the originals had talent."
-sophomore Morgan Aronson

"Not necessarily. Younger siblings are more popular, but just because they have a talented relative does not mean that they are any good. Most of the relatives of famous people are not very good. Take Hillary Duff's sister, she's not good a t singing at all. This may be because there were no singing genes in the Duff gene pool to begin with. The siblings of stars only try their hand at acting or singing because they'd have a head start in a show biz career because of their famous sibling. "
- sophomore Danny Turner

"I feel that celebrity siblings are not as talented as their older brother or sister. In my opinion, I think the sibling of a celebrity is just feeding off of the success of their older brother or sister. For example, Solangue Knowles, the younger sister of Beyonce Knowles, put out one single and has never been heard from ever since. Another example would be Aaron Carter, the younger brother of Nick Carter. During the whole Backstreet Boys time, Aaron Carter was reduced to writing little rhymes."
-freshman Stephanie Flores

"Many of the celebrities whose older brothers/sisters were famous before them have either little or no talent at all. Many of them only became famous because of their older siblings, not to name any names. Their so-called 'talent' had nothing to do with it."
-sophomore Helen Chen

"I don't think it's smart to generalize things like that, like assuming people have talent just because their siblings are famous. Obviously, they may not have as much talent as their celebrity sibling, but they have a clear advantage over other people because of sibling."
-sophomore Becca Sausville

"I don't think you can make a generalization about whether or not the siblings of celebrities are as talented as they are. It really depends- sometimes a celebrity's siblings are more talented, less talented, not talented, or talented in a different area."
-sophomore Tasha Prados

"No, I don't think that siblings of celebrities are as talented as their older brother or sister. I feel this way because if they were really that good in the first place then they'd be the stars and not their brother/sister. Perfect example- Tia & Tamara Mowry or Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen."
-sophomore Anne Charles

"Siblings of celebrities are not as talented as their already famous siblings. Fame comes too easily for them. That way, they don't need to work very hard or be very talented to get famous."
-sophomore Jeff Tsang

"Siblings of celebrities are never as talented as their older siblings. The only reason they succeed or at least get a lot of attention is because their older siblings are the ones that are talented. Unfortunately, success by association works in Hollywood."
-sophomore Jordan Turner

"I do not think that the siblings of celebrities are just as talented as their older siblings because they have the right role models to help raise them as a productive celebrity. For example, Jessica Simpson has been in the spotlight for a couple of years now. Her younger sister, Ashlee Simpson has just come on to the scene. I personally think Ashlee has the capabilities of being a better artist than Jessica. Many siblings are in the shadow of their sibling and then shine as soon as their sibling drops."
- anonymous

"I think that the siblings of celebrities are as talented as their older brothers or sisters. I think that because the two siblings are the same parents and they have the same genes. I can prove that from example from in our own families who is my uncles and aunts. My first was very generous as a result of that I have proved that all of my other uncles and aunts are successful because of that."
-freshman Senay Tekle

"I do not think that celebrity siblings are as talented as their older siblings. Many examples include Aaron Carter, Halee Duff, and Ashlee Simpson. The first two's albums flopped on the charts, and the third one got too much marketing, and is way too overproduced."
-freshman Jake Murphy

"No I don't think sibling celebrities are as talented because you know for a fact that they wouldn't be on they wouldn't be on MTV if they didn't have the hook up. I mean look at Ashlee Simpson. You see her on TV and sure she's OK, but she can't sing, her lyrics (that she doesn't even write) mean nothing and she doesn't even play her own music. The one and only reason why she has a record deal is because Jessica Simpson is her sister and she's hot."
-freshman Olivia Wondu

"No, just because your older sibling has talent doesn't guarantee you will also. Everything is also so generic, it's hard to say who honestly even has talent."
-sophomore Sheila Jean

"I think the siblings of celebrities are as talented as their older brothers or sisters. When their older siblings make a name for themselves, it is generally because of their talents. When their younger sibling tries to get into the spotlight, people think they're trying to rip off of the sibling's name, regardless of whether or not they actually have talent. Siblings of celebrities could have talent and the potential to be as famous as their older brothers or sisters, they're just not given the chance."
-sophomore Katie Willmott

"I don't think siblings of celebrities are as talented because each person is different. Just because their older sibling is talented doesn't automatically make the younger sibling talented."
-sophomore Lisa Wong

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