Flo Rida's slam dunk

April 3, 2009, midnight | By Anshul Sood | 13 years, 1 month ago

Basketball game raises $5,000 for charity

The crowd erupted as Flo Rida entered through the back doors. He raised his fist up to acknowledge them as the cheers continued until he grabbed his microphone. But this was not one of his concerts, it was a charity basketball game at Richard Montgomery High School.

Local radio station Hot 99.5 teamed up with California Tortilla and Flo Rida to generate $5,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Each spectator paid a five dollar entry fee to contribute to the charity. Flo Rida did not perform any live music at the event, but there was plenty of other entertainment.

The game was between a team sponsored by California Tortilla and one sponsored by Hot 99.5 known as "Kane's Nuts." Kane's Nuts featured members of the Kane Show, including Kane, Sarah and Samy with Flo Rida as their "coach." But even before the game started, it was pretty clear who the winner would be. The California Tortilla team was made of tall males, including a former NFL player, compared to the mostly female Hot 99.5 team.

As expected, the California Tortilla team easily won 42-29, despite the crowd's support for Kane's Nuts and Flo Rida. The last couple minutes of the game proved to be the craziest as the Washington Nationals' mascot Screech and the infamous giant presidents entered the game. The crowd got to their feet when Flo Rida entered the game for Kane's Nuts with a minute left. His first shot was a three from the wing: air ball. But he redeemed himself by scoring a layup on his next shot before the game ended, sending the crowd wild.

Guests were treated to a wide variety of entertainment aside from just the basketball game. Hot 99.5 DJ Chris Styles provided music to keep the crowd pumped up before the game and during half time. Raffles gave guests chances to win autographed Flo Rida CDs and posters as well as tickets to his upcoming summer concert. The Kane Show crew posed for photos and signed autographs for their fans.

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