Franceschini, Brook

Sept. 30, 2004, midnight | By Caitlin Garlow | 16 years, 3 months ago

Name: Brook Franceschini
Department: Health and Physical Education
Education: Lockhaven University of Pennsylvania
Years at Blair: One
Hobbies: Field Hockey, Softball, shopping, hanging out with friends

"Hold up! I got a game to win!" says Brook Franceschini as she slams a tennis ball towards two of her students on the tennis courts during sixth period. Dressed in athletic gear from sunglasses to Nike Shox, Franceschini is the epitome of a sports enthusiast. Franceschini's passion for health and athletics has led her to become one of Blair's newest Physical Education teachers.

Franceschini was born in southern New Jersey to a large Italian family. "My dad had eight brothers and sisters, so I had lots of cousins," Franceschini said, laughing. When she was growing up, Franceschini and all of her family members were very active in extracurricular activities. "My whole family [was into] sports," she said. "My dad was the president of a Little League team."

Franceschini, however, was involved in numerous activities outside of sports; in high school she served as the President of National Honor Society and the Vice President of Student Council. She also volunteered at a local hospital.

With a strong resume in athletics and extra curricular activities, Franceschini was recruited to play goalie for Lockhaven University of Pennsylvania's Division I Field Hockey team. The team had a solid roster and the Lockhaven Red Devils were state champions when Franceschini was a senior.

This year, Franceschini has found another outlet to express her love of sports: through coaching. As the JV Field Hockey coach at Blair, Franceschini says that her team is improving every day. "The team has a positive attitude and is hard working," she said. "They are striving to improve their communication and stick work technique."

Teaching at Blair has been an exciting experience for Franceschini, who teaches both Health and general P.E. "I wanted to have a job that I liked coming to every day," she said. "[Just] being involved in a large school and having a class of my own is great."

Being involved with the faculty has also been a positive experience for Franceschini. "I love the whole process of being the new person," said Franceschini. "I have many resources here. Everyone is very responsive and helpful when you need assistance."

She has encountered a few of the routine struggles of new teachers, however, the most notable one making sure that students in large general P.E. classes get the attention they deserve. "You're learning as you go," she said. "You need to make sure all 38 students are getting the same attention as 24."

Outside of school this year, Franceschini will be traveling to Italy and attending several friends' weddings. She also is planning to take some classes during her months off, and she might teach summer school. "I look forward to getting my master's eventually and maybe teaching at the collegiate level," she said.

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