Fro-yo swirls into Downtown

April 14, 2011, 11:36 a.m. | By Simrin Gupta | 9 years, 6 months ago

D.C.'s cupcake craze has just met its match. The baked goods are facing some serious competition this spring from frozen yogurt, or "fro-yo," chains.

As summer approaches, fro-yo might become Blazers' most desired treat. With that in mind, Downtown Silver Spring's new fro-yo spot, FroZenYo, has arrived at just the right time. FroZenYo representative Emmanuel Gonzales says he expects the Downtown Silver Spring location to be up and running by the end of the month. The frozen yogurt shop will be replacing CakeLove in the space next to Lebanese Taverna on Ellsworth Drive.

The independent frozen-yogurt chain, which already has five locations in the Washington, D.C., area, serves delicious frozen yogurt at reasonable prices and lets customers assemble their own creations. Perfect for picky eaters or those who enjoy edible experiments, FroZenYo is sure to mix things up in the Downtown dining scene.

The relatively recent chain was established in February of last year. In the Metro Center location, pod-like tables and throw pillows are scattered about the room with thin, long tables down the middle of the store, flanked by six to eight frozen yogurt dispensaries. To the very rear is the topping section - a little alcove filled with every topping imaginable.

Possibly the best thing about FroZenYo is its self-serve format. Customers can fill their cup with whatever flavors strike their fancy. There is one size 16 ounce container and the price is determined by weight. A standard, fully filled container runs around $5 - great for Blazers with a budget.

Photo: FroZenYo encourages customers to get creative with their toppings. The chain offers 40 different topping choices.

Aside from its reasonable price, the most fun thing about FroZenYo is the creative license customers have. Customers can fill their cup with exotic flavors like red velvet, snickerdoodle or root beer float. FroZenYo also offers a range of fruit flavors like grapefruit-pomegranate, strawberry-banana and kiwi-strawberry. FroZenYo's newest flavor, Peach-Mango Tart, is definitely worth trying. It's heavy on the peach, with the mango seeming more like an afterthought, but it still has the tanginess to cut through a sweltering summer day. Even considering FroZenYo's eclectic array, one of the best flavors is an old standard - regular tart yogurt. It strikes a delicate balance between sweet and sour, and its fresh, pure and crisp flavor energizes the senses.

Customers can also choose from many different non-fat options. There are 98 percent fat free, sugarless non-fat, non-fat tart or even completely lactose free non-fat options. As society becomes increasingly health-conscious, more and more people are turning to fro-yo as an alternative to ice cream. With an abundance of healthy options, it's looking like fattening, high-calorie treats may be getting their just desserts.

Regardless of the calorie content, any flavor makes the perfect canvas for the variety of toppings available. Customers are encouraged to go crazy at the topping bar, which has everything from fresh fruit to Captain Crunch cereal to gummy bears. And as an added bonus, free hot fudge!

Since FroZenYo likes to keep things interesting, each location is a new experience. Different places have different flavors and toppings that are continuously changing. FroZenYo has not yet selected flavors for the Silver Spring location, but for Blazers anticipating the opening, pondering the surprise is half the fun. Even if you aren't looking to subscribe to the new fro-yo trend, you might change your mind after a visit to FroZenYo.

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