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March 28, 2010, 9:10 p.m. | By Blake Morgan-Gamber | 10 years, 9 months ago

Drawing in over 18 million viewers, Lady Gaga's outrageous "Telephone" video has stunned both fans and foes. In collaboration with fellow diva Beyonce, the artist gives audiences another "Monster" of a music video. And this time, the out-there star finds a way to make the "Paparazzi" go even crazier.

Photo: Beyonce and Lady Gaga first teamed up in making the music video for Beyonce's "Video Phone."

Gaga's "Telephone" can be considered more an epic short film than a music video. By the end of the nine minutes and 32 seconds, the diva has associated with strangers in prison and poisoned an entire restaurant. It wouldn't be Gaga or Beyonce if there weren't stellar dance moves thrown in along the way, enhanced by over-the-top costuming.

The real question is, should anyone be surprised? Come on, it's Lady Gaga - the musician is so endearing because she's so out there. Although "Telephone" is probably the most outrageous and memorable Gaga video to date, the craziness is to be expected and appreciated.

What should really surprise viewers is Gaga's key role in crafting the video. As co-writer of the video with director Jonas Akerlund, Gaga presents a multifaceted plot with hidden references to her previous, almost equally mind boggling, "Paparazzi" video. Yet "Telephone" possesses more than just seductive dance moves and egregious costuming. Numerous references to Quentin Tarantino films including "Kill Bill," "Pulp Fiction" and "Death Proof" are laced in the video.

Gaga's cleverness also goes a step further. In the video she humorously acknowledges the vicious rumors made about her in the tabloids. Specifically, she points to one of the nastier rumors about her being a hermaphrodite when she is carried into her prison cell by two guards at the start of the video.

More impressive are the outfits that the dreamy diva duo wears in the video. The costumes soar above and beyond the the other bizarre yet impressive clothes Gaga has shown off previously - in "Telephone," Gaga's yellow hair is even molded into a telephone atop her head. As for Beyonce, her beauty shines through the Gaga madness, balancing the lunacy with some normality.

Gaga and Beyonce feed off of one another well in this extraordinary video. Hopefully they can reunite one more time for a song that will make all the "Single Ladies" "Just Dance."

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