Gainous becomes MCPS' most senior high school principal

July 12, 2004, midnight | By Christopher Consolino | 19 years, 10 months ago

Principal Phillip Gainous became the most senior high school principal in MCPS after the retirement of Walt Whitman principal Dr. Jerry Marco. Despite his rise in seniority, Gainous does not believe that his new status will drastically influence the politics in MCPS.

The retirement of Whitman's principal of 29years , which occurred on July 2, is for personal reasons, according to Marco. "I'm at that age; it's just that time," said Marco. He also stated that he retired because he feels that he has successfully influenced the school over his tenure. He said he can leave knowing that Whitman has established a reputation of excellence and is able to compete with the Blair Math and Science Magnet and other rigorous programs.

Marco stated that he believes Gainous will gain additional influence in MCPS with his new seniority. Marco thinks that seniority does play a role in MCPS politics regarding decisions made affecting school policies and procedures. "I've been asked for my opinion by MCPS," said Marco. "I'd like to think that I have some influence."

Contrary to Marco, Gainous expressed that his new seniority will not give him greater power in MCPS politics. "I don't think that anything is going to change," said Gainous. Gainous said that he has had a greater influence on MCPS due to his assertiveness. "I tend to be more outspoken," he said, pointing out that a principal's influence on MCPS is based on credibility and experience, rather than simple seniority.

Marco has considered staying involved in MCPS and has even been offered another job in the school system. "[MCPS] has asked me to come back as a consultant for other principals," said Marco. "I may come back." Pyle Middle School principal Alan Goodwin will become Whitman's principal in the fall.

Gainous does not see his retirement in the near future. Despite his 21 years serving Blair - he has been principal of Blair longer than any other person - and his new role as most senior high school principal he commented that he plans to see the effects of the new academy programs introduced by MCPS before he would consider retirement, stating that there are "some exciting things happening that I really want to see through."

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