Girls' varsity volleyball stung by Hornets

Oct. 20, 2007, midnight | By Anika Manzoor | 13 years, 5 months ago

Blazers lose in a three-set match


The Damascus Hornets triumphed over the girls' varsity volleyball team, winning straight sets – 25-15, 25-18 and 25-23 to bring Blair's record to 6-6. Although the Blazers initiated vigorous rallies and competed fiercely, they were overcome by the Hornets' good teamwork and powerful offense as well as their own unforced errors.

The Hornets dominated the early goings of the first set, taking advantage of the Blazers' many faults and propensity to lose control of the ball during rallies, quickly bringing the score to 12-5. However, sparked by their first ace of the night from senior co-captain Julie Brice, the Blazers' upped their game, tying the score at 13-13. The Blazers and the Hornets remain neck and neck before an out of bounds hit from the Blazers spawns more out of bounds hits, allowing the Hornets to take the set, 25-15.

The Hornets started the second set with a serve into the net, giving the Blazers the first point. The two teams proceeded to trail after one another, feeding off each others faults and errors. With help from the ready blocks of senior co-captain Olivia Bozik and Caitlin Ludington and impressive saves by sophomore Elaine Brice, Blazers brought the score to 11-all. But Blair was plagued by out of bounds hits, as nine points were awarded toward the Hornets because of these faults, bringing the score 20-13, Damascus. The Blazers built momentum as they determinedly clung on during intense rallies, making spectacular hits and saves, but a strong spike from Damascus ended the second set 18-25.

The Blazers began the third set strongly, with Julie Brice delivering yet another spike and Damascus hitting the ball out of bounds, earning them an early two point lead. The Blazers managed to stay on top by at least a two points, as the girls exhibited solid defense and Damascus became prone to more and more errors, taking the score to 21-16, Blair. But a double hit fault from the Blazers led to an out of bounds hit followed by even more errors, giving the Hornets a 23-22. The Blazers fought for their points in forceful rallies but the game ended in controversy, as a dispute ensued after a close hit by the Hornets. The official ultimately declared that the ball was in and the Blazers lost the set, 25-23 to give Damascus a three-set win.

Coach Heather Amell maintained optimism despite their loss. "[It was a] tough loss," she said. "But they've played well. They've fought, improving on some of the things we have been working on. Overall, I'm very happy."

Senior Amanda Chan agreed with Amell's sentiments. "I think we had a rough start but we definitely played better as the game progressed," she said. "We played pretty well overall."

The varsity girls' volleyball team plays their next home game on Tuesday, Oct. 23 against Poolesville at 6:30 p.m.

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