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It's that time of year again. Instead of enjoying the holiday cheer and decorations, you're probably rushing around to finish last minute projects, study for tests and squeeze in your extracurricular activities. The last thing you want to think about is what to buy your grandma or boyfriend for the holidays. Well, have no fear: Silver Chips Online is here. We've been kind enough to compile a list of the hottest gifts this season just to give you a few ideas for what to put on your wish list or the perfect gift you should buy that special someone. For those of you who are a little more frugal, we've also included a list of "cheap" holiday gifts that are inexpensive or cost nothing at all yet still show the receiver that you care.

Hot Girl Gifts:

Weighing in at only 5.6 ounces, storing over 10,000 songs and playing up to 12 hours of nonstop music, the iPod is clearly the most sought after item this season. Coming in three different sizes, 20GB, 40GB and the iPod mini, this little library is a must-have for music-lovers everywhere. Apple's most recent addition to the iPod family is the mini, which comes in five different colors and stores 1,000 songs. The iPods, which cost, $399, $299 and $249 respectively, are well-above the average teenager's budget, but this little gizmo will be a nice addition to your holiday wish list.

The O.C.: The Complete First Season on DVD
This boxed set includes all 27 episodes from the first season of the popular TV show. A must-have for many girls (and some boys). No doubt many people will be trapped in their houses during winter break, reliving all the juicy O.C. moments from last year. At $50, this DVD may hit the wallet a little hard, but it's well-worth it for all those extra features like un-aired episodes, commentary from the creator and a featurette on the music of the show.

Love, Angel, Music, Baby by Gwen Stefani
This CD kicks off Stefani's career as a solo artist. On it she collaborates with Dr. Dre, Andre 3000 of Outkast and rapper Eve. A mix of techno, hip-hop, and pop, Stefani has something for everyone on her album. At only $14 in most stores, this CD is a perfect present for Stefani fans or those looking for some new music in their lives.

GAP winter gear
Every year, GAP releases a new line of scarves, mittens and gloves for the winter season. This year the emphasis is on soft texture and bright colors. GAP has introduced a new line of rainbow mohair scarves that are sure to keep necks warm while keeping their wearers fashionable. A scarf or hat would be a perfect gift for that special girl in your life, or if you'd really like to go all out, go ahead and buy her the entire matching set. Though most scarves are around $30, some less intricate ones start at only $12.99.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD
Though a little pricey at $30, the latest Harry Potter DVD features the popular third film as well as games and interviews with the cast. Touted as the "best movie" of the Potter franchise, the third film features a more complex storyline and darker themes than the other two. No doubt this is at the top of the wish lists of all Potter fans, especially because the sixth book will not be out for at least another year.

Cheap Girl Gifts:

Homemade baked goods
Who can say "No" to chocolate chip cookies or delicious brownies? If you're low on cash this season, break out the oven mitts. Homemade treats are the some of the cheapest and easiest gifts you can give. Making your own recipe would be ideal, but using a box mix is always acceptable. Putting the treats in a holiday-themed bag and wrapping them really shows the gift receiver you care.

Starbucks gift certificate
Most Blazers consider themselves lucky they're so close to a shopping center that includes a Starbucks. Why not give a friend a gift card to save them the trouble of digging through her backpack for money after school? A mere $10 will buy at least two or three drinks at the coffeehouse. Who knows, maybe she'll even treat you to a caramel macchiato with their gift card one day.

It's not just something your grandma did back in the "glory days" anymore; lots of Blazers are taking up sewing, crocheting and knitting to pass the time and to create cool crafts. Blazers with knitting skills especially should take the opportunity to create scarves or even more elaborate creations for their friends. Not only will having a scarf be vital in the cold days to come, but the homemade quality will make it extra special to the receiver of the gift.

A collage would be a fun and creative gift to give to a friend. Pictures of favorite celebrities or even home photos could be used to create a cute and artsy wall decoration. Picture frames are generally extremely cheap and can be found at dollar stores. Framing a special picture of the two of you would not only be sentimental, it would be frugal, too. This gift is not only homemade, it's also very personal and suited exactly to your friend.

Holiday card
If all else fails, a sweet and heartfelt holiday card might just be the best thing you could give someone close to you. Instead of simply picking out a generic Hallmark card and scribbling your name on it, take some time to create a pretty design and write a personal note. Making this gift would cost nothing (except for some supplies) and would be greatly appreciated.

Hot Guy Gifts:

Dell DJ
A cheaper alternative to the iPod, the Dell DJ, works with more downloading services (such as Napster) and is compatible with Windows Media Player. It costs the same as a mini iPod but has five times the memory at 20GB, or around 10,000 songs. At $249, the DJ is still no bargain, but a group of friends can certainly pitch in together to buy this perfect present for the music lover.

Kanye West's College Dropout
College Dropout is one of the hottest CDs of the year; West is after all nominated for 10 Grammy awards. Full of new rhymes, original beats and several other stars such as Jay-Z and Talib Kwali, Dropout is certainly the hip-hop record to purchase. The CD is also affordable at $12.99 at Tower Records.

Pony shoes
The reign of the Air Force I is finally over, and newer slimmer shoes have taken over. Pony, a brand similar to Adidas, has several shoes for under $60 that have a distinctive look. Their original design and varying colors give multiple options for any friend in need of some new kicks. Click here in order to see all of Pony's shoe options.

Urban Outfitters gift certificate
Urban Outfitters (like The Gap) is a store that sells multiple brands, ranging from Lacoste to Original Penguin to the store's own independent clothing line. The online store has everything sold at their retailers, along with several exclusive deals. This includes jeans and polo's as well as more casual t-shirts and shorts, but most of the prices are high enough to wipe your wallet clean of your holiday shopping money. Go here for more information.

The North Face Denali Fleece
The Denali Fleece, while expensive ($179), is probably one of the most desired objects this winter. The fleece can be purchased as a group gift, but Ebay also has several of the coats up for bid within a more reasonable price range. Click here or here for more details.

Cheap Guy Gifts:

Make A Comic Book
If your friend likes comic books, then make your own for him. Whether you continue off of one his favorite super heroes or make up your own, the present will be sure to please and will not cost a penny.

Burned CDs
Burned CDs are the perfect alternative to the real thing, costing a fraction of the original price while still providing the same quality music. Make a mix of your friend's favorite soundtracks to add a more personal touch to the present. You can also decorate the CD cover or the CD itself.

Plan a trip to Value Village
Thrift stores (especially Value Village) offer a wide range of cheaply-priced clothing. Take a friend to the store and treat them to a shopping spree. T-shirts are close to $2, while pants, jackets and shoes can range anywhere from $5 to $10. Limit the friend to $20, and he can walk out with several shirts or pairs of pants of his choosing.

Gift certificate to Eastbay or Eurosport
If athletes are on your gift list, then Eastbay and Eurosport offer hundreds of options. While Eastbay focuses more on basketball shoes and clothes, Eurosport specializes in soccer cleats and European shoes and jerseys. A gift certificate of $20 is enough to buy cool items on sale as well as more expensive presents.

A nice card
If worse comes to worse and you're rushed for time and drawing a blank, then make a thoughtful card for one of your friends. Put a picture of their favorite athlete or musician, and add a couple new jokes. Make the card personal, and the friend should be perfectly happy at the thoughtfulness.

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