How Blazers would spend an extra hour of the day

Dec. 5, 2019, 7:47 p.m. | By Jasmine Ali | 4 years, 7 months ago

What Blair students envision doing if they had more time

When daylight savings time ended on Nov. 3, many students breathed a sigh of relief at getting an extra hour to catch up on sleep or finish homework. Other than that one special day of the year, there are only 24 hours in a day. But what would it be like to have an extra hour? What would Blazers do with that time?

The sun rises over Blair on a cold autumn morning (courtesy of Nathalie Molina). Photo courtesy of Nathalie Molina.

Some students would choose to sleep during their extra hour. Teenagers are known to be sleep-deprived, and students at Blair are no exception, which is why some would choose to spend their extra time sleeping. "I stay up late doing homework, so it'd be nice to catch up on some sleep," sophomore Leah Byler says. Schoolwork and other responsibilities are a priority for other Blair students. Those students would spend their extra hour catching up on homework and studying. "I would definitely use it to do extra work because I always like to be ahead," sophomore Camille Wyatt said. Wyatt found that doing schoolwork would make her less stressed as she would have the peace of mind that she would do well in her classes. "When you're ahead, you have less stress and that's a really big factor in my education. I learn better when I'm less stressed," Wyatt explains.

Blazers put a lot of worth into productivity and spending every hour of the day getting something done. Students see actively finishing a task as more valuable than getting enough sleep, which is why many would not put sleep at the same level of importance as schoolwork or other responsibilities. "I would probably spend that time either doing homework or watching Netflix because those are things that I think I need to spend more time on. I will push myself to do that instead of actually sleeping," sophomore Tharindi Jayatilake says.

But not all Blazers give in to this cycle of doing continuous work. Some would choose to spend their time relaxing and taking a break from everyday life. "Every hour of our day is spent doing something important or something related to school or something related to work. We don't get a lot of time to ourselves," junior Avi Kedia says. While students do understand the importance of schoolwork, some would choose to spend their extra hour doing something to destress from daily life. "I wouldn't put my extra hour into homework necessarily, I just want to relax," sophomore Anika Darbari says.

Other Blazers would spend their extra time on social media or streaming sites. "I'd stay up and just go on Instagram or watch YouTube," freshman Nathan Hillman says.

Blair students could choose to do many different things with their extra time, from doing homework to catching up on a TV series to looking at social media to sleeping. While it would be nice to dream about having an extra hour in the day, in the end, everybody still has the same 24 hours in the day as always. But getting that extra hour from daylight savings was a welcome break, and students have enjoyed spending that time doing whatever they thought was most important to them.

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