How ChatGPT can AId you

March 15, 2023, 10:06 a.m. | By Sophia Zeng | 1 year, 1 month ago

The AI chatbot by OpenAI can do just about anything

The AI chatbot by OpenAI can do just about anything Photo courtesy of Alisha Wu.

The introduction of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT by San Francisco-based AI company OpenAI offered users a peek into the potential of AI technology. 

After its launch in November 2022, the chatbot quickly gained a million users. Its increasing popularity was a result of its unique ability to give articulate answers to almost any question users posed.

The chatbot was trained using a multitude of internet-based resources, allowing it to provide both detailed and human-like responses. 

Despite current debate over the ethics of ChatGPT in present-day education and the production of original work, it is still a cool application to have some fun with. Below are some fun ways that you can use ChatGPT.

Solve math problems 

Stuck on your math homework? No problem, ChatGPT is here to help; ChatGPT offers clear step-by-step solutions for your math question. This way, you can understand the process behind solving the equation and apply it to similar problems in the future! 

However, ChatGPT is limited in complex mathematical analysis, which makes its application in subjects such as calculus, or even factorization, less effective. 

In cases where ChatGPT is wrong, the user is able to give the chatbot feedback.

ChatGPT will explain complex ideas to you in simple terms. Not only that, you can also specify what explaining style you would like. The chatbot could use bullet points, paragraphs and more. 

In this case, you can use ChatGPT as a sort of search engine. However, while search engines often give you a list of resources, ChatGPT narrows it down to the important details. 

Write a resume or cover letter 

Need help writing a resume or cover letter? ChatGPT can provide a template for you. All you need to do is fill in the personal details and you'll be set to send it out to an employer. 

The chatbot provides a unique template each time, preventing potential overlap with another user's resume or cover letter. However, after a couple iterations, the content becomes similar, so be sure to check the templates thoroughly before using them. 

Make jokes 

ChatGPT will make jokes based on any requirements you have. This feature is great if you need a quick laugh or are out of jokes yourself. But be sure to know that the chatbot's humor may not always align with yours. 

Write poems/plays 

ChatGPT will write original poems and plays based on any requirements or prompts you give it. Often times, the chatbot will require guidance in the form of follow-up questions like "What kind of emotion are you exploring in the poem?" or extra initial requirements to produce a more thought-provoking poem. 

ChatGPT can also produce topic ideas for poets or play-writers that have writer's block. 

Draw ASCII art 

Not only is ChatGPT intelligent, it is also creative! Although the chatbot is currently unable to make complex art, the chatbot has the ability to create ASCII art. Just ask, and it will draw the perfect ASCII drawing for you! 

Nevertheless, ChatGPT sometimes misreads the inputted prompt. 

Play games 

ChatGPT offers simple games such as tic-tac-toe and hangman that are easy to play. However, games are still often text-based and graphics are limited. 

ChatGPT is still in its early stage and OpenAI is continuing to develop ChatGPT. Though in this article we have only discussed some fun ways of using the application, it is important to recognize that the chatbot has immense potential to become even more efficient and intelligent in the future.

Last updated: March 27, 2023, 2:45 p.m.

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