How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Nov. 18, 2004, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 16 years, 2 months ago

Thanksgiving for my family consists of me, my siblings, my parents and all of my cousins, aunts and uncles and it lasts for three days. The first night, Wednesday, everyone comes to my house for dinner. On Thursday, Thanksgiving, we play football during the day then eat dinner at night followed by a comedic play my dad wrote. Then on Friday during the day we go hiking or do something as a family, and Friday night we all go out to dinner somewhere.
-junior Clare Marshall

For Thanksgiving my family and I go to church in the morning to celebrate a religious program. Every family or person goes to the stage and states why they are grateful to God and they thank Him with a song, a poem, a scripture, a personal testimony or any other form of praise and worship. After that the whole congregation sits together at a long table and we eat a large meal made up of things brought by each family to enjoy.
-senior Sayda Cruz-Abreu

My family's Thanksgiving traditions are really not like the actual American tradition. For us, it's just another holiday where everyone is of work and doesn't have school. the whole family gets together but the food is much different. At first we actually did the turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, etc, but over the years, more and more Vietnamese food. We just use the Thanksgiving holidays to get together as a family just without the whole American Thanksgiving food.
-sophomore Bao-Ngoc Nguyen

Every year at Thanksgiving, it is important for my family to be together, even if it is just my parents and me at home. However, for the past several years, we have gone over to a cousin's house, where there are upwards of 15 people, friends and family. My dad always makes tray s of appetizers, while my mom and I make the pumpkin pies. We go over in the late afternoon, drop off the food, and go for the traditional walk along the Potomac to get our appetites ready for the sumptuous feast ahead. The clock strikes several times as we sit around the table, eating and talking. Finally, everyone gets up, groaning a little, and the adults move to the living room and the younger ones go off to watch a movie, all full with delicious Thanksgiving turkey.
-sophomore Lois Bangiolo

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