How do you feel about the new SAT?

Oct. 13, 2004, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 16 years, 3 months ago

"I'm worried about the new SAT. I feel like too much importance is placed on this one test. I'm a really bad test taker and my intelligence is going to be rated based upon those abilities."
-sophomore Tasha Prados

"It's obvious that the new SAT is a drastic change in society as we know it. Every year, thousands of teenagers take the SATs. It is a very important test to any student who wants to get into a decent college or university. In the new SATs, students will be asked to write an essay in addition to doing the math and verbal sections. The math section has algebra II integrated into the regular geometry and algebra. I feel that this will make the SATs harder wince it will be worth 2400 points instead of 1600. The removal of analogies will mean the heavy memorization of vocabulary will be abated. Overall though, I feel that the new SATs will be harder because of the essay. Some topics are unfair because foreign students would not be able to answer certain questions about different aphorisms and American culture. The test is already a length of three hours. Adding the essay will make it even longer and thus more stressful for students."
-freshman David Jia

"Personally, I believe that the new SAT is more educationally beneficial to high school students. The analogies are simply the understanding of words in relation to other words. By adding more sentence completion problems, it tests our thorough understanding of words' meanings, as well as makes the test a bit easier. Frequently, analogies use obsolete or archaic definitions of words, like the fifth definition of the verb flag, and that is completely useless to us. We are not going to be using the archaic definitions of words in our conversations, no matter how formal. Speaking of conversations, the increase in essays would be very educational to us. Since essays demonstrate how we utilize the English language in a formal manner, we will be better prepared when we are in very important situations. The essay-writing skills will be utilized during interviews, advertisements, and presentations. If you know how to write well, then you should be able to speak well. Therefore, the new SAT is very good for us."
-freshman Zhengzhe Liu

"I feel that the new SAT is an effective way to test the math, verbal, and writing skills of students all over the United States. Although I do not advocate the idea of having to write an essay on the SAT, I feel that it is necessary since many students do not have the amount of writing skills required to survive in high school and college. The new SAT will force students to practice and improve their writing. I think that the new writing section is directed towards Asian students. Many Asian students are generally exceptional in mathematics, so they have no problem on that math section of the SAT. As for the verbal section, many Asians just memorize vocabulary words to be able to complete the sentence completions and analogies. I feel that the new SAT is really testing if students can apply the vocabulary words that they memorize into their writing, and if they can collect and organize their thoughts and ideas quickly. The only con to the new SAT is that the scores for essays will not always be consistent. Different graders have different writing styles and levels of grading. I feel that the new SAT was a very good idea, but the scores will not be accurate."
-freshman Caleb Fan

"The new SAT is going to be more stressful than the regular SAT. It was bad enough that I don't understand a lot of the problems, but now they are going to add an essay section. I guess the traditional multiple choice won't cut it since there have been some cases where people get perfect scores. Now the new SATs are a lot more challenging. With the essay section, you won't be able to skip the answer and not get penalized."
-senior Brian Phatthanaphuti

"Being a senior, I will not have to take the new SAT and I'm glad! Since an essay will be included in the new test, people will have to grade the test instead of machines. Since different scorers will have different ideas of what makes a good essay, the SAT won't really be "standardized" anymore."
-senior Lauren Briese

"I feel that the old SAT is a tough test having taken it for the past two years. The new test now includes a few essay questions, and I think those questions could make or break your college dreams depending on the weight of the essay. If you are like me, and do not have good essay-writing kills, then I would be worried about my final score, whereas if you have good writing skills you would not be worried about the score."
-freshman Clifford Glover

"I feel that the new SAT is an unfair assessment of a student's abilities. The SAT is a very important test to many students. By removing analogies and adding an essay, 1/3 of your SAT score becomes entirely subjective. Analogies assess student's logic and vocabulary, and there is always a right answer. There is no such thing as a perfect essay. Even if the test makers set standards, different graders will score the test based somewhat on their own opinions. Also, the addition of an essay part will lead to much more stress for students taking the test. It is not right for the College Board to make one of the most important and stressful tests subjective."
-freshman Rachita Sood

"I think the changes placed in the new SAT are very appropriate for the graduating high school students of America today. My middle school social studies teacher once explained my class that many graduating seniors in America can't write a well-developed essay using formal language. The content of our education lacks the push that the new SAT's have provided, which gives the students fundamental skills that are necessary for future jobs. Every student, when graduating high school, should know how to write formally, creatively, using facts and/or figurative languages. Today, many graduating students do not have necessary skills and knowledge to get a career that can support them in the future. The new SAT's force the teachers, students, and the boards of education to be working harder for the future of this country. We deserve a better educational system.
-freshman Chao Xue

"I believe the new SAT is more challenging than the original. The added essay is time consuming and boring, I assume, but I believe it is essential to be included in the SATs. In the old SATs, there was no writing, but writing is a necessity for the SAT's to test. The reason that the new SAT has been made, however, is very lame. The new SATs were made to earn more money because the head of the University of California did not accept the old SATs. I think the new SAT is not a bad idea, but the reason behind it is not very good."
-sophomore Andrew Ding

"I think the new SAT is a good idea. At the moment, there are so many prep classes available, that it skew the SAT results and does not provide an objective score. The new SAT is a chance to start over, so if only a little bit, and revert to the real purpose of the test. Also, the writing section allows students to present their true selves, as revealed by their writing. It is difficult to change someone's writing style, no matter how many classes they take. Some people can argue that writing can't be standardized, but an essay is needed for college applications anyway."
-sophomore Allen Zhang

"I feel that the new SAT is a wicked idea. I wonder if the people who put together the SATs are haunted. They lost their mind. It is already a hard exam to pass. SATs are just out to get people with their trick questions."
-senior Ashley Lewis

"The new SAT is probably a better test, but the new writing section certainly makes it more daunting. One thing I can say is that it is much harder to cram for writing than for multiple-choice questions. I've taken the old SAT, but those scores are about to be worthless."
-sophomore Matt McCutchen

"I think the new SAT, with an essay, is disappointing. It will make SAT week even more stressful and harder to get a high score. Wish they changed the test after I left high school instead of now, making me one of the victims of this new policy."
-sophomore Ana Martinez

"I do not like the new SAT. It is not fair that it is only 1/3 math and 2/3 writing. I am very bad at writing and I am good at math. It is also not a good way to fairly score writing and handwriting would probably end up as an issue - people with good handwriting will get higher scores."

"When I heard there was a new SAT and the analogies were gone, I was so excited, because I abhor analogies. It seems easier and if you study - hard, I do feel you can score high."

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