How to leave the procrasti-"nation"

Nov. 11, 2021, 8:39 p.m. | By Sophia Zeng | 2 years, 7 months ago

What productivity tips and tricks do Blazers use?

"I'll do these assignments later. I still have time." 

These thoughts are the bane of my academic existence, and I am not the only high schooler who struggles to keep them in check. 

Recent studies show that 85% of high schoolers admit to procrastinating on school assignments. A large majority of high schoolers have trouble staying productive and managing their time well. Productivity is personal; finding what tips and tricks work best for you is essential for success. 

Below is a compilation of some productivity tips and tricks from fellow Blazers that you can try out. 

The agenda book provided to everyone at the beginning of the year is a free resource many Blazers use. Blazers use their agenda book to write down homework and to keep track of due dates. Senior Raniya Delil uses their agenda book to list out assignments. "I would recommend just listing out your assignments and checking them off...That makes me feel productive," they say. Being able to check off a homework assignment on a to-do list is an incentive for staying productive. 

Productivity apps are also becoming more popular as everything becomes digitized. The productivity apps mentioned below are only a few out of hundreds, so if any of these don’t work, there are other options. 

Habitica is a popular video-game style productivity app. It helps the user to maintain good habits as well as get rid of bad habits. The developers call the app a "gamified task manager." Sophomore Margo Contreras uses this app to stay motivated. "If you have been doing your good habits, then you can get rewarded with coins...That's the point system," she says. The points are an effective motivation to keep up good habits. 

Similarly, Reminders is a productivity app available on the App Store that allows the user to make to-do lists. Delil uses the Reminders app to keep track of assignments. "I have a widget on my phone, so that it's right there in front of me," they say. 

Blazers use the Reminders app to keep track of assignments. Photo courtesy of Mollie Block.

If other apps or websites such as Instagram or TikTok are a distraction, blocking them may be the solution. 

1Focus is an app that blocks websites and apps of your choosing. Sophomore Kathryn Gray uses this app to stay on task. "It blocks certain websites so you only have access to educational ones. So, you can't go on YouTube," she says. 

The screen time feature on iPhones is similar to the 1Focus app. It sets time limits on certain apps or blocks an app altogether. 

Furthermore, music can boost mood when doing homework or studying. Delil recommends listening to music that does not have lyrics so it isn't too distracting. Some study music suggestions include classical music, nature sounds, and lo-fi music. 

Remember to take short breaks occasionally to recharge! 

As William Shakespeare says, "Better to be three hours too soon, than a minute too late.” Try these tips out now and see if they work for you! Being productive will help you manage your time better and stop procrastinating. 

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