Humans of Blair: A Mother's Love is Unmatched

March 8, 2022, 1:28 p.m. | By Mollie Block | 2 years, 3 months ago

Ms. Warner opens up about the most influential person in her life.

Ms. Warner sits at her desk in the social studies office. Photo courtesy of Mollie Block.

It is a mother's job to be there for her child.

This is the job of any child's parents, but Jordan Warner saw this trait exemplified clearly in her mother. Warner, an Honors Modern World History teacher at Montgomery Blair High School, says "the most influential person in my life is my mom because she's just kind of my rock . . . she's a model of strength and continues to be super strong and honestly just there for me."

Warner has felt her mother's support throughout the entirety of her life but can remember feeling it the most in middle school. She remembers "her [mother] advocating for [her] for a teacher who . . . didn’t think [Warner] was capable of achieving in her class."

Warner recalls getting called to the principal's office just to find her mother, teacher and principal waiting to talk about the comment. Warner recalls her mother “constantly advocating” for her, especially when Warner “couldn’t advocate for herself."

Warner’s mother has been there for her entire life, and she continues to be the rock and role model she always has been. 

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