Humans of Blair: Medicine and Moving Forward

May 29, 2014, 1:21 p.m. | By Abir Muhuri | 10 years ago

Junior Paula Nahn admits that school used to be her least favorite thing as a child when she was growing up in Washington, D.C. "D.C. was a bit scary," she says, with a chuckle. "When I was younger, then, I didn't really care about school. It's a pretty big achievement, seeing how far I've come." To explain who she is now, Nahn starts with her passion for medicine.

Paula Nahn [right]. As the lunch bell rings,she quickly adds, "Maybe too honest," giggling. Photo courtesy of Sam Howells.

Nahn mentions that her family connection as her source of inspiration. "[My passion] relates to my grandma in Vietnam," Nahn comments, when explaining why she wants to become an E.R. physician or trauma surgeon. For her, becoming a doctor, studying hard at science and volunteering isn't just about preparing for the profession she wants. Her grandma in Vietnam was the catalyst that sparked her passion for medicine, science and, most importantly, caring for the sick. To extend this interest, she's gotten her own taste of the medical profession. "I've had numerous opportunities to experience doctors' lives," she says.

Nahn feels that the combination of challenging courses and sports keeps her focused. In addition to a science-centric schedule, Nahn finds solace in art and athletics. "I love to play volleyball and badminton. And when the school day ends, I like to paint," she says enthusiastically. As a member of the Art and Science club, which creates science murals, Nahn finds painting to be a perfect marriage of interests. "It's a way of expressing science and relieving stress," she concludes.

Nahn's journey from being uninspired to determined shows how far she has come. "Friends would describe me as a very hard worker, never sleeping and honest," she says. As the lunch bell rings, she quickly adds, "Maybe too honest," giggling.

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