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March 3, 2024, 8:11 p.m. | By Tejusvi Vijay | 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Oliver Solomon shares his journey from learning to sketch to selling graphic t-shirts

Solomon screenprinting a Soolt t-shirt. Photo courtesy of Oliver Solomon.

“There’s one thing I always think of: When’s the best time to plant a tree? 25 years ago. When’s the second best time? Right now.”

Green emulsion and ink-covered cloth table covers are in disarray. Frames, rolls of tape, and towels are scattered across the room. This is the sight that senior Oliver Solomon has adjusted to as a self-taught screenprinter and owner of the graphic t-shirt brand Soolt.

Unlike other artists who took classes and started sketching in elementary school, Solomon only started drawing seriously last year. He took inspiration from many artists he followed on Instagram, most notably Korean illustrator Kim Jung Gi. When Kim passed away in 2022, Solomon realized that life is short and that “you got to do what you love - you can't wait.”

Solomon started by keeping his drawings to himself in small notebooks. As they improved and he gained confidence in his abilities, he started posting his art on TikTok and Instagram. After uploading a sketch of a dog, he received many requests for the same design to be printed on a t-shirt. This was the beginning of Soolt. 

Soolt isn’t your average clothing brand by any means. Solomon screenprints each order by hand and creates two unique designs every month. His designs are very personal, coming from his own experiences, mental health struggles, and friendships. “When I see someone wearing a sweatshirt it means so much to me because even that word ‘Soolt’ [came from] a time in my life where art was all I had,” he says.

Solomon looks forward to the future of Soolt and the prospect of expanding. In the meantime, make sure to swing by his Instagram @soolty_ to check out his recent Valentine’s Day release.

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