American Idol 3 contains best top 12

March 17, 2004, midnight | By Shewit Woldu | 16 years, 10 months ago

Singers prove that they are here to stay

Tuesday night's American Idol had several contestants that filled rooms around America with beautiful and extravagant voices. Previously, I had said that American Idol lacked strong vocalists, but Tuesday night's performances had me rethinking my statement.

Most of the singers who performed deserved to sing on the American Idol stage. Some, however, were not on quite the same level as the rest of the finalists, including the "boring"(as judge Randy Jackson called him) John Stevens, my-mom-is-a-singer-so-I-think-I-can-be-one-too Leah Labelle, not-so-confident Camile Velasco and I-think-I-can-dance Jon Peter Lewis.

The other contestants proved to be amazing singers who will fight to stay in this competition. Jennifer Hudson, who usually tries to use her outfits to appear outrageous, toned down her look by going with a blazer and blue jeans. Hudson, as usual, stunned the audience with her gorgeous voice, but judge Simon Cowell said she was "oversinging." Compared to her past performances, however, Hudson seemed to be undersinging - a sentiment Jackson and judge Paula Abdul shared. George Huff continued to do his annoying dip and turn (hopefully Cowell will say something so that he will stop), but nevertheless, he had one of his strongest performances.

Another argument broke out with the judges once John Stevens performed. I, as well as Jackson, hated Stevens' performance, but Cowell and Abdul adored it. Cowell and Abdul probably needed to get their ears cleaned out because Stevens does not have what it takes to win this competition and can't sing like Frank Sinatra (as Abdul and Cowell compared him to). To say that Stevens sings identically to Sinatra is an insult to Sinatra.

While Stevens made me want to go to sleep, Fantasia Barrino showed what American Idol is all about. When she was on stage she looked comfortable and brought energy to the crowd. Additionally, the fact she has a voice that makes jaws drop can't hurt. She definitely has what it takes to win this competition.

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with Leah Labelle's Tuesday performance. Cowell always told her she could not make it, but I supported her because her voice has something unique to it. Tuesday night, though, she did not show her vocal ability. Cowell told her she should pack her suitcase, and this time I think he is right. My prediction is Leah Labelle will be the next one to leave.

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