American Idol - May 11

May 12, 2004, midnight | By Ellie Blalock Adedeji Ogunfolu | 17 years, 8 months ago

Silver Chips Online's judges sounded off on the May 11 episode of American Idol.

Ellie Blalock

This week's show was arguably the most competitive for the four ladies remaining in the competition. The genre was disco, and most of the contestants seemed to have no trouble taking on the high notes and wild dance moves executed by such legendary disco stars as Donna Summer, the night's guest judge. Voters may have trouble picking one of the four "favorites." This far into the contest, no one is safe, not even La Toya and Fantasia, who stood out a mile ahead of the pack as recently as last week.

Jasmine Trias: Jasmine sang "Everlasting Love" and "It's Raining Men." These were both less-than-perfect choices for Jasmine's voice, which has been struggling recently. Jasmine was unable to maintain control of her voice in either song and did not let the beauty of her voice, which she has shown previously, come through.

La Toya London: La Toya sang her first song, "Love You Inside and Out,"
with much less success than she did her second song, "Don't Leave Me This Way."
La Toya's hidden personality and pep showed through for the first time during
the second song, and she displayed to the judges and the audience that she is willing to try something new.

Fantasia Barrino: Fantasia is extremely versatile, and she let it be known tonight. Disco is perfectly suited for Fantasia's voice and personality. She danced all over the stage and with members of the audience, all while belting out "Holding Out for a Hero" and "Knock on Wood." Everything Fantasia does seems completely natural and flawless, regardless of what it is. Fantasia's spirit and zest for life are contagious, and she is destined for stardom.

Diana DeGarmo: Diana has moved in leaps and bounds to get where she was tonight in the American Idol competition. Diana is the youngest of the four girls remaining, but she has certainly shown the most growth. Diana performed "This Is It" and "No More Tears," while showing off her rich, strong voice. This was Diana's night to shine and show her versatility, and she definitely did.

Though this was by far the toughest show so far this season, one singer unfortunately proved that she is just not ready for the spotlight. This singer is Jasmine, who has a lovely, classy voice, but who just can't compete with the stars still remaining. Jasmine will most likely say goodbye tomorrow night.

Adedeji Ogunfolu
It was an all-ladies night on American Idol with the competition getting tougher than it has before.

Jasmine Trias' song choices did not fit her voice, and, after her performance in this episode, she definitely will be leaving the competition. Her second performance, a take on "It's Raining Men," was of slightly better quality than her first song, but she still was not able to compete with Barrino, DiGarmo and London.

La Toya London sang "Love You Inside and Out." Her performance proved that she is the most versatile singer in the American Idol competition. She is also the most poised of the singers in the competition, and her confidence on stage is obvious in her singing. Her second performance, a rendition of "Don't Leave Me This Way," was less controlled than her first performance.

Fantasia Barrino's performed "Knock on Wood." She is most likely to be the winner because she has the most stage presence and the most unique voice. Her performance of "Holding Out For a Hero" was not as strong, but she is still bound for the finals.

Diana DiGarmo had surprisingly electrifying performances. She still does not have what it take to compete with Fantasia Barrino and La Toya London, but her performance will allow her to be in the top three. This week she was extremely focused, and her hard work paid off.

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