American Idol - May 4

May 5, 2004, midnight | By Ellie Blalock | 16 years, 8 months ago

This week's installment of American Idol found the five finalists looking back to the "Big Band" era, singing famous tunes by the likes of Natalie Cole and Louie Armstrong. Most of the singers were able to find their niche this week, so finding a standout will be tough yet again for America's voters.

Diana DeGarmo: Diana kicked the night off with a version of "Someone to Watch Over Me." Diana really let her personality show through tonight and sang like a seasoned performer, not like the 16-year-old that she is. Her second song was a Judy Garland hit that Diana used to break out of her shell even more. This was a good night for Diana, and it may save her from last week's bottom-three finish.

George Huff: George performed "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" and really did his thing. What George did with this song is what he has done all through the competition - take a dull song and make it uniquely soulful and uniquely George. His second song, "What a Wonderful World," was just as good if not better.

La Toya London: La Toya was pretty much flawless tonight during both of her tunes, the first by Natalie Cole and the second from the musical "Funny Girl." La Toya hit all of her notes, and her phrasing was excellent. La Toya switched it up this week, putting more passion into her songs than we have seen yet.

Jasmine Trias: Jasmine performed a very sweet version of "The Way You Look Tonight," which was an excellent choice of song for Jasmine to show off her personality and connect with the audience. Jasmine's second song was adapted from the musical "Brigadoon." This performance was a bit of a stretch for Jasmine, but it shows that she is not only talented, but quite versatile as well.

Fantasia Barrino: Fantasia's song choice was unusual (a Big Band version of a Queen hit), but, as usual, she made it work. Fantasia's second song was a very challenging Barbara Streisand tune that Fantasia pulled off very well. The performance as a whole was well phrased and well sung. Fantasia showed us yet again that she is in a league of her own and not afraid of a challenge.

I predict that this week's bottom three will be Jasmine Trias, Diana DeGarmo and George Huff. Unfortunately, I predict that Diana will leave the show tonight.

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