Bad Boys 2 is too good to be true

Aug. 17, 2003, midnight | By Shewit Woldu | 17 years, 5 months ago

If you're planning to watch Bad Boys 2 this summer, be sure to take two deep breaths before the movie starts, because the non-stop excitement will have you gulping for air the entire time. Bad Boys 2 is the perfect blend of stomach-hurting comedy and edge-of-your-seat action, making the sequel to the 1992 Bad Boys the best movie of the summer.

The beautiful chemistry of the unbeatable duo of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is what makes the movie truly great. Mike Lowery (Will Smith) partners up again with Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) on an important case dealing with shipments of ecstasy coming into Miami. Their mission is to uncover who is behind the importation of the drugs. In discovering who is behind the scam, Lowery and Burnett find themselves in more trouble than they are prepared for.

Excitement begins when Lowery learns when and where ecstasy will enter the country. Lowery and Burnett are expecting the biggest drug bust of their career, but after one intense gunfight, only two plastic bags of ecstasy turn up. Lowery and Burnett's disappointment makes them even more determined to end the scam.

During the intense gunfire, Lowery accidentally shoots Burnett in the butt. The damage to Burnett's butt causes a thin-line-between-love-and-hate relationship for Lowery and Burnett, which plays off perfectly on screen.

Lowery and Burnett on-screen chemistry draws laughter even during intense scenes. For instance, when Burnett shot the dashboard of the car instead of the people they were chasing, Lowery's angry reaction is laugh-out-loud funny.

Although the two joke around, they have to put all their effort, forward because their life is on the line. Lowery and Burnett work hard to bust their suspect, Hector "Johnny" Tapia (Jordi Molla), who has been arrested 9 times and each time sued the city for wrong arrest and won millions.

After days of dangerous investigations, their hard work pays off, and they finally get the evidence they need to bust Tapia. Except Lowery and Burnett have something of Tapia's and he has something of theirs. Tapia gives them 48 hours to return what is his, if they want someone special in their lives to stay alive.

Even though the movie was wonderful, it still had its flaws. The scene where a man's body is chopped up into pieces in a tortilla bin is quite disgusting and unnecessary. Also, Lowery and Burnett driving over dead peoples heads' was a bit over the top for me. The movie at times got too gruesome, which took away from the film.

Despite several plot shortcomings I did not like, the movie was wonderful. So if you need a good laugh and like watching action, Bad Boys 2 will give you both.

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