Ice Hockey breaks losing streak

Jan. 16, 2002, midnight | By Julia Gabriel | 19 years ago


The ice hockey team beat Seneca Valley High School 5-3, breaking a four game losing streak. The game was in Blair's favor due to the fact that Seneca Valley only had eight players.

The boys were satisfied with their victory but also said that they could have picked up the level of play. "It was a sound game, but we didn't take it to them like we should have," said senior Matt Poness. Senior Wesley Gee agreed that the team played sluggishly and should have taken advantage of Seneca Valley's handicap.

Senior Max Eckert said that because Seneca Valley provided little threat, Blair wasn't pressured to go the extra length and win by a more substantial margin. Poness said that the reason three goals were let up was because of weak play in the defensive zone, which is still one of the team's biggest weaknesses.

Senior Dylan Irion led the team in goals with a hatrick. Sophomore Neal Valisak scored in the second period and Gee scored in the third period.

While the goals were high, penalties remained low. Poness and Shields agree that team is improving on eliminating unnecessary penalties.

The spread of scoring has been one of Blair's strengths this year. Over seven different people have scored, including defensemen. Senior defender Zachary Tinkelman has shown notable versatility in his ability to be a force in front of both nets.

Blair's morale was greatly boosted by the win, and they are maintaining hope of a 5-5 record. The next two games are at home against Springbrook High School, who Blair beat in a preseason scrimmage 8-0, and Northwest High School.

Eckert's original six-game suspension has been reduced to a four-game suspension, making him eligible to play in the last two games of the season. Coach Kevin McCabe was able to reduce the penalty by reasoning with the Commissioner of the Maryland Scholastic Hockey League, according to Eckert.

The team has great confidence in winning their next two games and hopes to beat St. Johns High School in an unofficial post-season game. The boy's next game against Springbrook High School is on January 31 at 6:15 p.m. at the Wheaton Inline.

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