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Sept. 30, 2006, midnight | By Maya Calabrese | 15 years, 1 month ago

SGA in disapproval of disciplinary actions

After weeks of deliberation, the SGA and administration have finalized an ID policy to be implemented after all students receive their IDs next week. Although the SGA worked extensively with the administration to form a more acceptable ID policy for students, they still disapprove of some of the changes.

In an interview with Silver Chips Online, SGA President Eric Hysen explained the revisions to the ID policy. Students are required to wear IDs around the neck or clipped to the waist as long as it is visible at or above the waist from 7:25 a.m. to the last class period of the day. After their last period, students are allowed to remove their IDs unless in the Media Center or other individual places throughout the school that have required it in the past.

If students have broken or damaged IDs they may bring them to attendance secretary Roxanne Fus and they will receive the one free replacement ID allotted to them per year. Students will be denied new IDs if it appears that they deliberately damaged it. That includes de-facing pictures with stickers or permanent markers.

If students arrive at school without IDs, they may go buy a new ID from Fus, in cash, before 7:25 a.m. After that, no IDs can be purchased. This part of the policy was set up to rid students of obligations.

During the first block of the day, security guards will visit each class and provide temporary IDs to anyone who needs one. If students are caught not wearing either a temporary ID or their actual one after that time, they will be given Saturday detention. If caught again they will get an in-school suspension.

Students are allowed two free temporary IDs per quarter. After forgetting to bring their IDs a second time, the students receive an automatic phone call as a reminder to bring their ID to school the next day. After a third time a parent-administration conference will be set up. If the ID is forgotten a fourth time, students will receive after school detention; after the fifth time students will receive one-day in-school suspension. Consequences after that are left up to the administrators.

The SGA holds no responsibility for the decisions made regarding the consequences. "The SGA does not endorse the final ID policy. We support part of it but are strongly opposed to the severity of the discipline action," said Hysen.

Regardless of the SGA's disapproval, the SGA hopes that the new system is successful. "The administration strongly believes the culture of not wearing IDs will shift. I hope it does. If it doesn't, we'll try to change it," said Hysen.

IDs will be distributed to students Tuesday, Oct. 3 during a scheduled homeroom between periods one and three. There will be a subsequent fire drill.

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