Metroid Prime: Nintendo's new release is a gem

Jan. 3, 2003, midnight | By Alex Piazza | 18 years ago

Retro Studios and Nintendo have paired up to make another installment of the Nintendo classic Metroid and, in effect, have produced one of GameCube's most brilliant and decked out games to date: Metroid Prime. The game's sheer size and exhausting attention to detail are a testament to the capability of both GameCube and Nintendo programmers, and while Prime still has its downfalls it is still a Nintendo gem.

Enter the world of Samus Aran, the stellar, interstellar bounty hunter whose objective in this adventure is to search the planet Tallon IV for signs of illicit activity and put a stop to the looming space pirates once and for all. As a player, unfortunately, you won't be privy to this information as you're launched onto this derelict location with little setup. Although at first it may seem as if your only goal is to shoot things, the puzzle of the plot is slowly pieced together by using Samus' scanning visor.

The designers successfully put the player into Samus' boots—you decide if this is a good thing. The dials on her screen can become distracting and the controls make her movement somewhat awkward, which is supposed to simulate the way Samus actually moves. On the other hand, jumping is more realistic than in other games as the view automatically tilts down to compensate—the first time I've seen this feature in a game.

Players will have to do a lot of jumping and maneuvering to get through the vast world that Retro Studios has created. What is most impressive is that with all the different rich textures and detailed scenery there is still no loading time, which is good because you will need the time to explore all that is in Metroid Prime.

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