Instagram killed the vine star

June 29, 2013, 5:40 p.m. | By Rohan Oprisko | 10 years, 5 months ago

Facebook makes a statement on its social media dominance

First came Facebook, the program that allowed people to share statuses, photos and videos. It flourished because few other programs could compete with its layout until the iPhone, android and other smart phones became more widely used. With the increase in popularity of smart-phones there surged the program Instagram, which was solely for sharing pictures that could be changed slightly by filters. As soon as Instagram vaulted into popularity, Facebook realized there was something nipping at their heels and swooped in to buy the new program for a sum of $1 billion dollars. Then another program arose, Vine, which was bought shortly after by the Twitter Corporation for $30 million. The new program allowed people to share videos with each other. With the new addition of video to Instagram, the Facebook Corporation killed off Vine with their own weed killer and in turn delivered a vital punch to the Twitter Corporation.

Because of the new feature of video in Instagram , the Facebook Corporation has erased the need for the 130 million Instagramers to use Vine. The Instagram network has ten times the amount of users as the Vine network. Not only is the allowed video length 15 seconds instead of 6 seconds, the Instagram video has all the same features as Vine and in addition there are filters that can change the videos. This length is accepted in the advertisement world and allows corporations to advertise their product with videos on Instagram. "Instagram's 15 second format lends itself really well to ads – it's no mistake that the length is the same as a standard television commercial," Alex Wills, a group director for the digital advertising agency (R/GA) says.Vine's demise was seen on Wall Street when after it reached 2.9 million shares on June 15, its shares on Twitter dramatically dropped to 1.35 million on June 21, the day after the new addition was added to Instagram.

Users of Instagram uploaded more than 5 million videos in the first 24 hours that the new addition was made available. A Justin Bieber made video was the first to gain a million likes on Instagram. The day after, more than 40 hours of video was being uploaded per minute.

At the announcement of the new feature, Instagram did not mention Vine at all. When talking about the new addition Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom said it is, "Everything they know and love about Instagram, but it moves”.

As soon as this new addition came to be know to the public, the hashtag #RIPVINE went viral demonstrating the feeling that most social media users predict will occur in the upcoming months. This downfall of Vine demonstrates that the Facebook Corporation will continue to eliminate or annex any other social media upstart programs in the years to come, and defend its territory as the main social media corporation.

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