International News for the second week of November

Nov. 10, 2006, midnight | By Hokuma Karimova | 14 years, 2 months ago

This is not original reporting. All information has been compiled from the BBC Word News and the New York Times. Silver Chips Online posts this news summary to provide readers with a forum for discussion.


An Israeli aircraft was seconds away from being shot down by the French troops after violating the Lebanese air space. The French troops are stationed in Lebanon as part of the UN peacekeeping mission.

International Criminal Court

The first permanent international war crimes court, the International Criminal Court (ICC) held its first hearing against Thomas Lubanga, who allegedly recruited child soldiers to kill the Lendu rivals.


Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, has signed a new constitution in response to mounting protest in the capital of Bishkeck.. The opposition has accused Bakiyev of delaying tactics and failing to fulfill the promises he made during the last years of the Tulip revolution. The new constitution will limit his power.


Eve Bazaiba, ally of presidential candidate Jean-Pierre Bemba, says that there are signs of cheating in the recent October Congo elections. Bazaiba said that the official results do not tally up with the figures collected by her political alliances. The official results will not be announced until Nov 19.


The ex-Marxist Daniel Ortega, who won the recent presidential elections in Nicaragua, said he will not impose any radical changes in the economic policy, because he wants to maintain economic stability. The US, which campaigned against Ortega, has promised to work with him as long as his government supports democracy.


International aid agencies such as the Red Cross and UNICEF said that they are appalled by the deaths of 18 Palestinian civilians in the Gaza strip. Women and children died after Israeli tanks fired at the town of Beit Hanoun.

Sri Lanka

At least 45 civilians have died after the military attacked eastern Sri Lanka with heavy shelling. The shelling hit a camp for people who have been displaced by the fighting between the Tigers and the Sri Lanka military. The fighting has intensified since the peace talks collapsed in Geneva in late October.


The Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, has predicted in a televised interview that the hanging of former President Saddam Hussein will take place by the end of the year. Court officials, however, have said that the hanging will take place next January at the earliest because of all the evidence the judges still have to review.


The deadliest terrorist attack on record of the Pakistani military occurred on Nov. 8, when a suicide bomber detonated explosives on the military training ground, killing at least 42 army recruits and injuring 20 more. Many suspect that this incident was in retaliation of the 83 militants who were killed at a religious school last month.


The governing commission of the European Union (EU) has delivered Turkey an ultimatum, threatening that if Turkey does not open its port to Cyprus, and progress more on human rights, the talks of adding Turkey to the EU will be suspended.

Ivory Coast

Prime Minister Charles Konan Banny has announced the continuation of preparations for the long-postponed elections in the Ivory Coast under new a United Nations (UN) mandate. A week ago, the UN Security Council extended the terms of President Laurent Gbagbo and Banny by one more year, hoping to restore peace in the country and bring new elections.

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