The Washington Post misrepresents Silver Chips article

July 22, 2002, midnight | By Kevin Chang | 18 years, 6 months ago

On July 22, a Washington Post article about a homeless student's fight to attend public high schools misrepresented a Silver Chips story about students illegally enrolling at Blair.

In its article, the Post cited an article by "the Montgomery Blair High School newspaper" and implied that Silver Chips' story mentioned a homeless student's name, focused on his fight to get into Blair, and caused him embarrassment and distress. The selections used by the Post suggested that Silver Chips was biased against the student.

Silver Chips and Silver Chips Online have a strict policy of not printing the names of upstanding students who could suffer serious embarrassment or punishment if named. Exceptions to this rule may happen in the rare case where a student is arrested and charged as an adult, as in the story Students stabbed during lunch.

The Post also cited an incorrect headline in its story; the headline used, "Wannabe Blazers get crafty," was an inside-page headline. The story was actually headlined Beating down the door.

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