Last minute DIY Halloween costumes

Oct. 29, 2013, 11:35 p.m. | By Caroline Gabriel | 9 years, 1 month ago

Halloween is two days away, and if you're like me then you still don't know what you're going to be. But have no fear, there are plenty of costumes that are easy to create using things you can find at home. Keep reading if you're interested in making a do it yourself (DIY) Halloween costume.


Example of what a girl dressed up as a mouse will look like if you choose the animal option.  Photo courtesy of Grace Wilson.

It's basic, unoriginal and completely hackneyed, however being an animal for Halloween is one of the most simple costumes out there. Whether you're a black cat, a bunny, a dog, a rodent or any other furry mammal, all you need is some fake ears on a headband and a tail and you're set. Also when people ask you what you are, this is your once in a life time chance to say,

A Clown

Personally, I've never been a clown for Halloween before but they can be pretty scary and all you'll need for this costume is face paint and crazy, colorful clothes. You can free hand your face paint and make it completely unique, or look at a picture of a clown for inspiration if you don't know what to do. Everyone will be able to tell what you are dressed as, and it is one of the more original costumes. Have fun with this one, and it will turn out great.


Whether you're batman, superman, spiderman or a made up character, superheroes are simple costumes to create. If you want to be a specific character, get an old superhero t-shirt and use it in your costume. If you do not own a superhero shirt, you can easily print out the hero's logo and attach it to your shirt. Then all you need is a cape; you can use a blanket or towel if you don't own an actual cape. Masks are optional, but they really complete the costume -- you have to hide the superhero's identity! If you don't own one already, they can be found for cheap at your local drugstore.

Mummy or Ghost

We're going old school with these costumes. Both costumes are probably as basic as they come, yet still fun. To be a mummy, take a roll of toilet paper and literally wrap the entire thing around your body.

A drawing by staff artist, Grace Wilson depicting what the simple ghost costumes should resemble.  Photo courtesy of Grace Wilson.

To be a ghost, take a white sheet and cut two eye holes in so you can see and wear it over your head. The best part about both of these it that you can layer up underneath the costumes to stay toasty warm while you're trick-or-treating.

Vampire or Zombie

Disclaimer: you'll need lots of fake blood for these costumes.

Both vampires and zombies are bloody, tired-looking, ghastly creatures. Get fancy with your make-up and give yourself dark circles and red around your eyes. Drip some fake blood around your mouth and down your neck. If you're being a vampire wear all black, and if you're being a zombie wear all white and drip fake blood all over your clothes. To add a little more to the zombie outfit, rip or cut your shirt for detailing.

All of these costumes are extremely easy, but more importantly they're simple and quick to make in the short time we have until Halloween. Have fun with these and good luck.

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