Let our pep rally go

Oct. 6, 2008, midnight | By Susie Branson | 15 years, 8 months ago

An explosion of red and white. Pom-poms flying through the air. Face paint. These activities are what I think of when envisioning the perfect pep rally. With one fall sports pep rally already under our belt, every Blazer has experienced the excitement of either attending or participating in these rare yet spirited events. With this being said, each Blazer has also therefore experienced the balloon of disappointment when walking out of the stadium back to a car or bus after being forced to endure another pathetic outdoor pep rally. Although my notions on these school-sponsored rallies are somewhat based on cheap TV shows and the media, why can't the Blair administration just let us experience this clichéd high school tradition? For the first time in what seems like a million years, Blair sports are taking off and finally making a name for themselves in the county. However, the administration's compulsions for unnecessary changes are damaging the already-diminishing school spirit within Blair.

Sitting with advisories during pep rallies. Honestly, that's beyond a harsh joke. There is absolutely nothing wrong with friendly competition between the grades in high school. Finally reaching upperclassman status within the school is exciting, and yet the administration is trying to find fault with this practice as well? Lay off. Blair has made a lot of progressive administrative changes throughout the past years, but let's not get ahead of ourselves because the only reason we're all here right now is for the school.

Yes, education comes first. However, enthusiastic students are happy students. You have to have a little fun in order to have a functioning, happy student body. I know that they're trying to find a balance and compromise by having these pep rallies outside. Although that was a great idea when it was first pitched, we have had about three or four of those catastrophes by now, and it is painfully obvious that they aren't working. Yes, teachers and administrators, that means that the rallies will be in the gym. Yes, that means we may have to have two pep rallies. And yes, that means you are providing priceless memories to your more than grateful student body. It's understandable that the administration doesn't necessarily want to sit and watch their students let loose with school pride, but it's a ridiculously small sacrifice that will induce a massive appreciation from the student body.

Susie Branson. Key facts of Susie Branson: she's a junior in CAP, her favorite food is peanut butter, she plays soccer and lacrosse, she can't stand talking on the phone, loves country music, and her favorite ice cream is Phish Food. She is way too competitive for … More »

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