Lindsey, Earl W.

May 1, 2003, midnight | 18 years ago

By Rocky Hadadi

Name: Earl W. Lindsey
Subjects they teach: Geometry, JV Football.
Education: BCC High School in Maryland, Ripon College, University of California State Fullerton, Masters Degree – college in England for a semester
Previous Jobs: Taught at Inglewood High School
Came to Blair in: 2001
Hobbies: Weight lifting, running, playing and coaching football
Extracurricular activities: Coaching JV Football with Mr. Spear.

Upon first glance at math teacher Earl W. Lindsey, the first thing you would not think is not that he teaches geometry, or that he is married with three children. Instead, you would wonder to yourself, "Who is this young man, and how does he juggle teaching math, coaching the Blair JV football team, and spending time with his family all at one time?" The answer to your question would be a simple one: with determination, patience, and a dream of helping to shape America's future.

Lindsey came to Blair in 2001 after teaching at Inglewood High School, and currently teaches geometry while coaching the JV football team with Mr. Spears. Lindsey believes that his high school experience greatly contributed to the teacher that he is today, especially because of his affinity for math. "I wasn't a very good student," says Lindsey. "I would fool around too much in class, and I just didn't have any motivation. But," Lindsey adds with a grin, "I was good at math."

Lindsey decided to go into the field of teaching because of his desire to help teenagers control their own destinies. "I have always wanted to work with kids so I can help shape our future teachers, lawyers, and doctors," says Lindsey. He admits that at times it is hard to motivate his students, but believes that is their responsibility and duty as teenagers to learn. "My goal for teaching is to help kids in school today realize that all of them have potential, and they have opportunities to be what they want to be. Kids have to strive for greatness," says Lindsey firmly.

One of Lindsey's main methods of identifying with his students is to take everything with
a grain of salt, and to see the humor in every situation. "I walked into the first day of my sixth/seventh period class this year, and I wrote my name on the white board. To my embarrassment, I accidentally spelled my name wrong," admits Lindsey. However, he says that he chooses to shake off these situations because it keeps his class a light-hearted, comfortable learning environment.

In addition to teaching, Lindsey also co-coaches the JV football team. He states that his favorite movie is Do the Right Thing, and that he enjoys ESPN Sports Center as well as listening to rap, hip hop, and R&B music.

Although Lindsey is proud of his achievements in the professional part of his life, he believes that his greatest accomplishment is his family. "I have two wonderful sons named Elijah and Isaiah, and a beautiful daughter named Heaven," says Lindsey with a stellar beam. "The best moment in my life was when I met the girl I was going to marry, my wife Erica. I am most proud of my family."

As Lindsey towers over his students in room 217 during a geometry lesson, it is obvious that he greatly enjoys his job as well as the responsibilities that come along with it. "I like to work with children so I can help shape their minds, and make sure they will have opportunities in life to become successful adults," says Lindsey, looking over the students in his classroom. It is plain to see that Lindsey's goal in teaching comes true for him every day, and for his students, as well.

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