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Review: Livewire's energetic performances fluctuate between fun and incoherent. Scannell is a popular frontman and Spencer's drumming is the best in the county, while Silsbee and Fleming each play competently. But poor song selection and a lack of creativity make Livewire only a moderately good band who you either love or hate.

Genre: Rock.

Band Members:
Josh Scannell (Blair, junior): Singer and guitar.
David Spencer (Richard Montgomery, junior): Drums.
Ben Silsbee (Blair, junior): Bass.
Charlie Fleming (Richard Montgomery, junior): Lead guitar.

Influences: Josh: Garage. Ben: Punk. Charlie: Metal. David: Metal.

History: Started the summer of 1999 and began writing songs January, 2000. First show, May 9th. 2000. After one more gave up on performing until they were actually good. Began performing again 2001, though they focus on their live show they recently put out a CD. Currently they are on hiatus.

Album: "In the Shell."

Website: None.

Best Song: Lost.

Worst Song: New Orleans Love Song.

Best part of being in a band: Silsbee reports, "Writing our own [music] and playing [it] for people."

Worst part of being in a band: Silsbee says, "Being in a band is a big commitment. It takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money."

Reaction from other Blair musician: "I enjoy them." (Laura Blythe Goodman, Orange Julius)

Quotable: Josh Scannell remarks, "If you don't have any confidence in yourself and your band; if you think you suck, you do. And it doesn't help you get girls. That's a lie."

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