Many motorists on fast tracks in Montgomery County

Oct. 21, 2003, midnight | By Adedeji Ogunfolu | 20 years, 4 months ago

Since the arrival of red light traffic cameras in Montgomery County and specifically Rockville, 3000 of drivers have were caught over nine months according to a Gazette article published in September.

The 3000 drivers were caught at the intersections of Wootton Parkway and Seven Locks Road, Wootton Parkway and Tower Oaks Boulevard and West Gude Drive and Research Boulevard. Wooton Parkway and Tower Oaks Boulevard had the highest monthly average running red lights runners, with 179.

According to Traffic engineer Emad Elshafei, the figures from the intersection of Wootton Parkway and Tower Oaks Boulevard intersection, show that the numbers of drivers caught varied from a low of 125 in February to a high of 234 in July. Elshafei attributes low winter figures to harsh weather conditions which kept some dirvers off the roads.

The cameras have also been useful in figuring out which party is at fault when an accident occurs. Junior Lisa Kim was involved in an accident, and the cameras helped her discover the identity of the other driver. "I was driving and the light was green. All of a sudden I see a flash and a car comes by and hit me. The camera got the license plate number and the police got the film back, so we found out who did it," she said.

According to the Department of Public Works and Transportation of Montgomery County, the cameras will be rotated between 15 different locations.

Montgomery County reported that the number of traffic collisions and red-light running has been reduced, since it began using the cameras.

In Montgomery County, all drivers caught running red lights are fined $75, but violators do not lose points from their license.

Most cities in Montgomery County, except Rockville, have not disclosed the locations of the cameras.

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