Mc-Scandalous Season Three

Sept. 30, 2006, midnight | By Josie Callahan | 16 years, 2 months ago

Third season of "Grey's Anatomy" makes a promising start

Welcome back to Seattle Grace Hospital, where a typical day's work includes performing surgery on a dying baby, confining an outbreak of the dangerous bubonic plague, and messing around with a married attendee in spare time. The third season returns with the same riveting plot lines as before.

Season two left viewers holding their breath and anxiously waiting for the new season. Picking up from where the show left off, the first episode is centered around the theme of wasted and treasured time. Throughout the episode, Izzie struggles with her grief over the loss of her fiancé Denny and her decision to leave the internship program at Seattle Grace.

When a case of the Bubonic Plauge breaks out in the hospital, Dr. Derek Shepard and George O'Malley are quarantined in the locker room, and Dr. Miranda Bailey struggles to comfort an infected patient grieving hysterically over the loss of his wife. Dr. Addison Shepard reflects upon her own flawed marriage with her husband, Derek, and has a vivid flashback to the night that he found out about her affair with his best friend. Outside of the hospital, Merideth's conscience bombards her with guilt and new decisions to make because of her liason with Derek in the last episode of the second season.

This first episode of the season is in every way what the doctor ordered for loyal "Grey's" fans. With the signature mellow, Indie music enhancing the emotion in the dramatic scenes, the show succeeds in pulling at the heartstrings of viewers through the intertwined subplots of love, lust, time and scandal.

"Grey's Anatomy" sets itself apart from other TV dramas in that after two consecutive seasons, the plot of the show has not lost its complexity. In each episode, several different complex subplots unfold, and are united by a central theme. The script also continues to remain quick, witty and clever. Whether Meredith's narration brings tears to the viewers' eyes, or if George's sarcastic comments sends one into a giggle fit, the script has certainly not lost its charm and effect in the third season.

Time is in every way of the essence of this dramatic season opener. With a surprising ending, Meredith is left with a huge decision to make and Izzie finally gets the strength to move forward in her life after days of grieving. The episode ends with hope that Meredith may end up with her McDreamy after all. This may just be too good to be true, however, as with an entire season to fill, it seems doubtful that the ends of their troubled relationship could be tied so easily. As for Izzie, it seems likely that the model-surgeon will not give up on the intern program as the episode ends with her gaining strength to stand up tall and move through her grief. These are just a few of the predictions that one can conjure from this opening episode about the season to come. As the first episode has captured the curiosity of the viewers, season three certainly promises to be a "Mc-Scandalous" season consisting all of the drama, deceit, love, and suspense that "Grey's Anatomy's" loyal fans cannot get enough of.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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