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April 22, 2003, midnight | By Kedamai Fisseha | 21 years, 1 month ago

Teacher's Name: Dale Miller
Position: MBHS Athletic Director
Subject(s): General/Specialty Physical Education
Education: Bachelors of Science from Slippery Rock State College
Master's From West Virginia University
Previous Jobs: Varsity Basketball Coach – BCC
Varsity Basketball Coach – Wootton
Forty years total teaching/coaching experience
Came to Blair in: 1985
Hobbies: Golfing

An office hidden in the busy Blair Boulevard is although hectic, a home away from home for Blair's athletic director.

One would assume that Athletic Director, Dale Miller's fortieth year of teaching would have mellowed out a bit from his days as head coach for numerous varsity teams around the county. But Dale Miller explains that his job as the athletic director at Blair High School has only proven to be the "big mama" of all coaching jobs. "I coach the coaches," he says.

Throughout his long career, Miller has served as the head coach of various varsity basketball and football teams but it is now that he has truly become the head coach.

However, coordination of the coaches and their teams is not Miller's only responsibility. Between his involvement with the athletic teams and his role in the classroom, he must also deal with all other sporting events concerning Blair. His day is a busy one. He describes, "Besides teaching class everyday, something is always involved with the athletic program [that I have to deal with]."

The program at Blair, which is constantly commended for its great size and student involvement, is headed entirely by Miller. He is an integral part in the athletic events concerning Blair's teams and/or its facilities. This duty requires his presence and he is willing to tell you that he is more often present than not. "It's a long day. Most days I don't leave here till ten thirty if there is an activity. I spend more time here than at home!"

Five minutes in his hidden office is a clear testament to the demands that he faces as the athletic director. No matter how secluded his office might be; Miller is far from thus. The small telephone deserves sympathy for the long hours of strenuous ringing that is endowed upon it. Without the least bit exaggeration, it can be said that the telephone rings every three minutes. What is Miller's response to the constant calls? A simple shrug and a "This is my day." (Yes, he also responds with a "Hello.")

Sitting in his office you find yourself thankful for the constant calls that interrupt your conversation. These calls allow you to look around at the pictures and papers that adorn the walls. These walls illustrate the man, the grandpa, the golfer and the coach and do so much better than words ever could. Take for instance, the large frame showcasing the 1994 varsity football team. Surrounded by pictures of his players is a smiling and proud Coach Miller whose face in the picture is the strongest evidence for his positive recollections concerning that season. "I think that one of my most memorable memories is the '94 football team beating Damascus here at Blair," he says.

He has definitely lived a life full of memorable experiences. When Miller rattles off his list of wins as a varsity coach you cannot help but stare in amazement. His triumphs are proof of his skill at what he does. "In the seventies I was a varsity basketball coach. I coached for ten years and I was in the state championships for six of those years." Of the six trips, his teams took home two state titles, definitely not an easy task.

Blair's athletic director, Dale Miller, is active and able in several arenas and his efforts as Blair's director have only proven to be greatly beneficial for the school.

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