Mixtec welcomes, to say the least

March 31, 2004, midnight | By Feza Kikaya | 18 years, 8 months ago

Small D.C. restaurant exceeds all expectations

"Bienvenidos el Mixtec" reads the sign pasted on the glass door of the small Adam's Morgan restaurant that welcomes all visitors anticipating tasty Mexican dishes. The small, casual restaurant offers diners more than meets the eye, and the excursion proves worthwhile.

Upon entering the confines of the eatery, the setting gives the impression that this restaurant serves fast-food type meals; however, the menu proves otherwise. Mixtec offers an array of filling dishes for brunch and lunch and even offers a take-out option. Most dishes are priced around $11 and are well worth the cost, because large portions are served.

Whatever dish you decide to feast on will most likely be a winner. The guacamole at Mixtec is highly recommended; it is fresh and will leave you wanting more. Worth the gamble is the Two Tacos Al Carbon (Especial) dish, which consists of soft corn tortillas topped with numerous bits of grilled chicken and covered with guacamole, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, Pico de Gallo and fresh tortilla chips. This meal is absolutely mouthwatering. The grated cheese melts in your mouth as the other contents of the dish blend on your tongue and form a Mixtec delight.

Plato Zapoteca is another dish worth trying. This plate is sure to fill you up, as it consists of grilled chicken breast, cheese enchilada with mole sauce, pork tamale, rice, beans and guacamole. Try the Pescado Acapulco, which is made of fresh filet of fish sautéed in a fresh garlic, lime and white-wine sauce, and served with rice, beans and salad. The food is served steaming hot and costs just under $13.

The restaurant's small, intimate setting is reminiscent of a kitchen—the plastic tables (which seat up to six people) and chairs rest against tiled floors and walls, while the real kitchen is located in the front of the restaurant.

Laminated pictures of the scrumptious dishes adorn the tiled walls, and the effect of the photos is enhanced by the Mexican music sounding in the background. All Mixtec employees are Hispanic, which gives you the (correct) impression that the food is truly Mexican. The chefs and other employees are all noticeable, as their black "Mixtec at Adam's Morgan" aprons are visible under the light of the colorful, paper tissue-covered lamps that hang from the ceiling. The smell of food grilling on the stove permeates the restaurant and triggers your stomach to growl with hunger.

The service at Mixtec is an added bonus. The friendly waitress greets you at your table and, wearing a red apron and a sincere smile, takes your order and repeatedly checks on you to make sure you're satisfied with your overall experience.

Other Mixtec offerings include appetizers, nachos, soups and salads and alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Interesting drinks that are worth a try are the Hot Mexican chocolate, melon juice and Jamaica (sorrel leaves).

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