Montague, Gezelle

Oct. 21, 2003, midnight | By Kedamai Fisseha | 20 years, 8 months ago

Teacher's Name: Gezelle Alicia Montague
Position: MBHS Math Teacher
Subject(s): Algebra and Algebra II w/Analysis
Education: Norfolk State University
Previous Jobs: Internships at NIH and NSA
Came to Blair in: 2000
Hobbies: Shopping, Singing, Dancing
Activities: S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

A math teacher at Blair with a flair for interior decorating, Gezelle Montague found teaching unexpectedly and fell in love with it.

Even during college, Montague did not consider a future in education. In fact, her sights were set in a totally different direction. "I had no intention of becoming a teacher. I went to grad school to become a statistician," she says.
She was eventually attracted to teaching because it appealed to her personality. "I really enjoy helping people and I [myself] love to learn."
As one of Blair's 45 black teachers, Montague is eager to help her diverse classes excel in all subjects. Her "firm but fair" attitude on academics is not telling of her out of school demeanor. "I'm much more fun outside of the classroom. I like to get to know my students beyond the scope of math," she describes.

Her home life is monopolized by "the sweetest dog ever," whom she adores. Sometimes, her attachment to her pet does cross over into her school life. "I have a wonderful shi-tzu named Simba," she says looking around the Math office. "They won't let me bring him here, but I took him to night school once."

Constantly sporting a broad and vibrant smile in school, Montague's outside life is just as vivacious as her smile. Despite her busy school schedule, if she's not keeping fit at the gym or shopping at the mall, she can be found dancing the night away. "I like to dance. I shake my tail feather now and then," she says jokingly.

Montague's hobbies also include music, which she has been involved in since childhood. "In high school I was in the chorus," she says.

As she relates how music affects her now, she describes her involvement with another singing group called In Unity. "I sing with a gospel choir now [called In Unity]," she says.

Montague describes In Unity as a mixture of singers from all different walks of life. She is clearly passionate about her involvement in this diverse and uniting activity. "We all [ultimately] have one faith," she says

Montague recalls her high school days in Bryan's Road, MD favorably. An active student then, she hasn't changed much since. She is charismatic and eager about her future, with plans to do as much as she can. "I am an aspiring interior decorator. [I plan] to build my dream house and design it," she says. "I would also like to travel more, maybe even move to the West coast."

Another of her plans is to augment her current family of two. She is looking for a husband who can play with Simba. "I hope to get married and have children," she says.

On the whole, Montague's outlook on life is a positive one. Her bright attitude and optimistic aspirations clearly evidence her buoyant philosophy. "[I plan to] continue to live, love and be happy…and to continue laughing."

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