Mr. Yuk retires

May 22, 2003, midnight | By Lauren DalBello | 18 years ago

Mr. Yuk, the frowning, green-faced icon that decorated poisonous substance bottles across the world, is retiring.

The pukey face with the poison control hot line number printed around the collar was designed to discourage children from approaching poisonous objects and give parents fast access to the poison control hotline number in case of emergency.

At first, poison control centers figured that the sticker's expression would warn kids of danger. A new study, however, shows that children may be attracted to the sticker because of its bright green color.

Last year, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh distributed 42 million Mr. Yuk stickers. Americans have introduced him to Europe, Asia and Iceland and corporations have placed his face on the product labels of hundreds of hazardous materials, but poison control centers nationwide have advised parents to discard any Mr. Yuk stickers or magnets they are using.

New stickers are being created that simply publicize the hot line number: 1-800-222-1222.

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