New advisor for Student Government Association

Oct. 9, 2013, 2:55 p.m. | By Birhan Alemayehu | 10 years, 7 months ago

English teacher and girls' varsity volleyball coach, Christopher Klein, takes on new role

With a determined face, Christopher Klein walks towards the Student Government Association (SGA) room. He begins to discuss the upcoming events that the SGA will be involved in with student representatives. Some of these events include the Montgomery County Regional (MCR) general assembly, spirit week and homecoming.

New SGA advisor Christopher Klein teaching in one of his English classes Photo courtesy of Samuel Pinczuk.

Already a 10th grade English teacher, 11th grade Advanced Placement English Language and Composition teacher and girls' varsity volleyball coach, Klein, can add another thing to his list of things he does at Blair: Student Government Association (SGA) advisor. Klein was offered the position back in June and eagerly accepted. "I've always had an interest in government and politics especially when they are local," he said. "I want to try my best at making Blair the best school in the world."

SGA has orchestrated many activities during the past couple of years, including blood drives, pep-rallies, homecoming, the blackout dance and spirit weeks. This year, Klein hopes to improve the SGA's efficiency and communication with the student body. "We're trying to do what we've done in the past better and efficiently. We also want to increase communication with the student body," Klein states, adding, "The student body is what makes SGA what it is, so it's important that we communicate with the students and see what they want."

SGA is a lot of hard work and the students who are involved in it sacrifice a lot of their time trying to get work done. The advisor is no exception to the responsibilities, but Klein still appreciates the job. "I do enjoy it because I get to see students in another format," he said. "I feel like I'm doing something valuable for the school."

The SGA advisor has the responsibility to chaperone all SGA events and provide guidance in all SGA sponsored activities. With homecoming only a week away, the SGA is hard at work selling tickets and advertising for the dance on Oct.12. This year's homecoming is going to be a little different compared to other years.

Student representatives agree that SGA is a bit more different this year with Klein as advisor. "Things are a lot more strict and have more guidelines," junior representative Blossom Jiang explains. SGA is also making sure that they are getting a lot done this year. "We have a lot more due dates this year." Jiang says. Junior class Vice President Tigist Tadesse adds, "We're taking advantage of all the time we have this year. Last year we'd do stuff during fifth period but this year we're going into sixth period doing work."

SGA is also making sure that they are working more with the administration this year. "We've worked with the administration in previous years but this year we are making sure that we are working more closely with them." Jiang explains.

With homecoming only a day away, the SGA is hard at work with spirit week, selling tickets, advertising and making sure that everything is going to be in place for the dance on Oct.12. SGA has to make sure that everything goes smoothly for Blazers and guests that will be attending the dance. This year's homecoming is going to be a little different compared to previous years.

The money and the time spent doing SGA activities is not what concerns Klein though. All he wants is for the students to have a really good experience during their time here. "We just want to make sure that the students make the most out of their high school experience." This has been proven throughout the 'spirit week' festivities that have been occurring this past week.

With all the student representatives in mind, it's also important that there is an advisor who is helping the SGA out by providing guidance in every possible way. It is important that there is an advisor who really wants the student body to be heard. "At the end what matters is that the student body has their voices heard" Klein says firmly. It's also important that the advisor wants to make sure students have the time of their lives during their high school life. Klein is a sure example for this.

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