New color-coded IDs issued

Oct. 6, 2006, midnight | By Nitin Sukumar | 17 years, 7 months ago

Blazers sorted by academy

The new ID policy came with an overhaul and a new detailed color-coding system. The top portions of the IDs are colored based on academy, class or program, according to the administration.

Academy/Program Colors
Media Literacy Green
Entrepreneurship Dark Blue
International Studies Purple
Science, Math & TechnologyMaroon
Human Service Professions Orange
Freshmen Red
Seniors (non-CAP/magnet) Black
CAP Brown
Magnet White
Other Yellow
Other Staff Teal

The "other" group includes students in ESOL 1 and 2. SGA President Eric Hysen has negotiated with Academy Coordinator Jennifer Kempf, ESOL resource teacher Joseph Bellino and several ESOL students to change the IDs of ESOL students from yellow to red.

Hysen feels it is unfair for ESOL students to be forced to wear a different color. "You can choose what academy you're in or if you join the CAP or magnet, but you can't choose to be in ESOL," he said. "So we and all of the ESOL students we spoke with felt it was inappropriate to force them to advertise that they were in ESOL," he said.

The change, however, was not made. According to Hysen, the ESOL students will be given red lanyards. "Mr. Gainous did still support the plan, and ESOL 1 and 2 students should at least be getting red lanyards, even though it doesn't look like the colors on the IDs themselves will change this year."

The SGA also tried to assign black IDs to CAP and magnet seniors, but the idea did not pass through the administration.

Junior Rebka Tekeste thinks that color-coding IDs defeats their purpose. "There's no point for the different colored IDs; we all go to the same school, so why not have the same color?" she commented.

With the exception of the CAP lanyard having brown text on a white background, the lanyards match their respective IDs. According to Hysen, lanyards are supplied to go with the IDs but are not mandatory. "You're not at all required to wear the lanyards," Hysen said.

Under the new policy, students are not permitted to wear lanyards of academies outside their own.

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